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Catalonia was a nation at the Iberian Peninsula, it was disbanded 6 june 2020


Catalonia (Catalan: Catalunya) (Spanish: Cataluña) was a province of the Kingdom of Spain, meaning it existed as an in-game nation but is officially still part of Spain. Catalonia also recognized itself as a part of Spain. Catalonia is located on the Iberian peninsula sharing it with Portugal and Spain. The last Catalan president was CrossTwinz, making Catalonia a republic.


On March 25, 2019, CrossTwinz talked to Pengun telling him he wants Catalan independence. Pengun immediately denies the request, but the discussion continues. Both CrossTwinz and Pengun came to the conclusion of Catalonia becoming a nation on EMC, but that it actually will be an autonomous region of Spain and that all towns would be recognized Spanish. Pengun still wasn't very happy, as mapmakers wouldn't know this, and would make Catalonia an independent nation on their maps.


Catalonia fell on June 22, 2020, due to inactivity.


Catalonia had elections, and at the first election, the citizens have elected CrossTwinz to stay president and xXSir_MoopXx as vice president.


Catalonia had no military, which was said by it's president. Their people mostly build and don't pvp, and it was protected under the Spanish Armed Forces