Celestown is the biggest city of Eyre. It is right next to the FuzeCity and was created by Deflairate a short time after this one.

It was the largest city in Queensland before founding a new country, Eyre, with another big city in Queensland, the Resistance. The reasons for this are totally unknown.


  • In the past, FuzeCity had bought a part of the Celestown lands to expand. These last ones had to destroy some buildings.
  • In early August, Celestown founds a new country with the Resistance, Eyre, and so leaves Queensland. Fuze didn't say anything about that in his videos.

Architectural Style


Celestown is located in eastern Australia, between three Queenslandian cities ; FuzeCity, to the southwest, Ballarat, to the south, and French Army, to the northwest.

Australia map

Map of Australia cities by KOALA NET21, August 5, 2019. Celestown and Resistance (in the north) was still in Queensland when the map was created.

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