Main Info

Elyria is a fast growing town created on April 18, 2019 by Willabum. As of 4/26/2019 it has 30+ residents. The town runs through the center of the Antarctic where the town is located.


On May 1st Elyria who used to be just called Elyria became allies with Imperial Brazil and left Glacial_Empire forming thier own nation in the proccess now known as Ellsworth

Most of Elyria can be considered wilderness as Elyria's gold production cannot keep up with it's rapid expansion.

Beginning on April 20th, a wall was proposed to signify where Elyria would officially end, as foreigners often threatened the town. The wall is getting near completion.

Noticeable Buildings

As of April 20th, many notable buildings and places would pop up. The most popular being the gold mine and the tree farm. In the future Elyria will house an embassy to another Elyrian town, Icicalia.


Elyria strongly believes that tax is theft, and thus residents pay no taxes.

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