Chernokovsky has fallen


The name Chernokovsky originated from a town name generator. The Original three founders Ginger Davik and Bandit_Blackcat liked the name and kept it. Once EarthMC Terra Nova went up for public use Comrade_Ginger and Davik_ amassed the gold needed for a town. After this, the group voted on the location using screenshots from the dynmap. The group settled on the location the city is now.


Early History

After the establishment of Chernokovsky, Davik_ and Comrade_Ginger started to make what is now know as the Metro Station.

Great Flight

Davik_ suggested that the group move to a more central location, 5 Members then moved to Komelkova


The Chernokovsky Metro Station

Notable People

  • Comrade_Ginger former town leader
  • Davik_ former co-leader
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