Declaration of War

The Chinese Civil War began a few days after some towns under the Qin Dynasty left to form Sui (then called simply China). The Emperor of Qin, XDA1, declared war on Sui on the 1st of June through statement made on their discord page, after failed attempts to convince a few of the former Qin cities that had joined China to return to the Qin State. Warlords from the united china council, mainly the Qing (Formerly Manchuria) and Ming joined the Imperial forces to put down the Sui.

"As of today, Qin is at an official state of war with China. Every town in China is given the chance to peacefully leave China and return to Qin. Blueraining (China) attempted to convince Mongolia to attack Qin and he has been stealing our cities.

The following is a quote from XDA1

”Blueraining (China) is a traitor and so is anyone supporting his illegal state in our soil. You are allowed to kill anyone who is from China” - Qin Emperor XDA1, 14:07 (UTC), June 1st, 2019.

As of 14 July, following a lull in activity, Qin was disbanded, as its leader’s old community had left the server, and had himself also lost interest. Political reorganisation is underway, with former Qin towns joining the recently made Han nation.

It is still unknown wether any of the combatants will continue to pursue the war now that one of the parties has become defunct, or wether or not former Qin members will continue to prosecute the war under orders from the now defunct qin government


Qin-led coalition forces

Han 漢(Qin's Substitute),

▪ Tang 唐(Because the trap entraps sui's players)

▪ China (Created by luoyang)

  • Ming* 明
  • Qing 清 (Formerly Manchuria 滿)
  • Mongolia 蒙
    Liao 遼


  • Sui 隋 (Formerly China),

▪     Yue 閩越 ( CobetKhei's Private Nation)

     Xia  夏

     New Qin


Time line

Battle of Fucking.png
CobetKhei's nation.png
The siege of Xi an.png

the middle of the siege of Xi 'an

June 1st

  1. Declaration of War by Qin on China.
  2. Ming joins the Dynastic Powers.
  3. Manchuria joins the Dynastic Powers.
  4. Mongolia joins the Dynastic Powers.

June 2nd

  1. Several towns leave China and re-join Qin.
  2. Seeing lost of support the Chairman of China Blueraining abdicates.
  3. New Chairman CobetKhei became the leader of China

4 Battle of Hyesan (
5 Xianyang massacre

June 5th

  1. Battle of Bianjing - Luoyang takes place (Name of Battle not finalized).

June 6th

  1. China's leaders were having conflicts about signing a peace treaty or not. Dual between the two Chairmen Blueraining and CobetKhei was held.
  2. China launched an attack on Ming at Yingtianfu.

3. Zhumadian send out spies to Xiangyang, blueraining decided to continue the war

Between June 13th and June 14th, 2019

  1. China renames itself Sui.

June 17th

Forced by discrimination and abuse from the Chinese, blueraining chose to leave the server officially.

Cobetkhei appointed Yobetchel to be the NEW EMPEROR OF SUI

June 22th

Fox warned and kicked Bommbap for Grief

June 23th

Under the pressure and pressure of the Chinese (who would only accuse and scold each other), the Sui decided to continue to fight in the war.

1. First Battle of Beijing (1 Qin killed)

2. Battle of Fucking ( 1 Manchu killed) 

June 25th

1.Battle of Celestown - Ballarat, Australia, and Sui vs Liao(except Liao's Mudanjiang and Bincheng)

(2 Australians killed, 1 Liao killed )

June 29th

1.Battle of Laojiumen - Changsha (a short-lasted battle between the citizens of Changsha and Sui located at Laojiumen) (the Changsha citizen wanna GRIEF BY LAVA)

June 30th

1. The Second Battle of Beijing (6 killed) (13 people joined the battle )

Since the end of the first Beijing campaign, Sui has determined that Beijing has a large number of cheats. (But there was no evidence).

During the Second Battle of Beijing, Sui called some mods to watch. A cheater was spotted and got banned.

July 12th

CobetKhei leave the Sui,then create the new nation : Yue

XDA1 Announces abdication and his intent to disband Qin

July 14th

Two days after the initial statement, XDA1 officially disbanded the Qin nation. The following is the original proclamation; 

“Dear subjects of Qin, 9 months have passed since our glorious nation came into existence. During those 9 months Qin had grown in power and eventually had become one of the strongest nations on the server and we were soaked in the glory of our grand achievement. The ruling class of Qin since the creation had always been a small group of people that have known each other for years and I am the last one of that group, which means that there is no heir to the imperial throne. Naming an heir outside this group would be untraditional and would put the honor of our dynasty at risk.

As of today in this manifesto I announce my abdication and the collapse of the Qin dynasty. I would like to thank every single one of you for your support and loyalty. Now, it is your turn to build a great nation from the ground up.”

XDA1’s decision to disband following the departure of his old community has left serious implicaions for the continuation of the war. It is unknown whether XDA1’s initial decree and declaration of war against Sui still stands as a binding decree to former Qin citizens, now that the Qin government no longer exists.

The departure of the Qin dynasty also led to a massive political reshuffle in the core China area, which was fortunately facilitated with aid from Qing’s leadership to prevent complete confusion and disorganization In former Qin towns. Most of Qin’s former population centers are in the process of joining the fledgeling Han dynasty

It is unknown whether the war will still continue, seeing as one of its core combatants has disbanded. Although reorganization of the core China area appears to have taken priority over war, the stability of the central China area continues to be in doubt

July 15th - 20th

  • Han and Ming add Yue and Sui as enemy
  • There're military conflicts broke out between Han and its allies and Sui and its allies, indicating the War is still ongoing.

Late July- Mid August

There're some attacks by Yue and its allies to Han and Ming during the period. One notable incident related to the War is the Claim-blocking of Han's Palace on August 1st, which was done by Sui and its allies in order to causing inconvenience to Han so as to win the war by making Han's citizen quit EMC despite the consecutive loss of military fights. More details about the claim-blocking incident can be found in Han's Wiki page.

Another notable incident is the ban of Yobetchel,aka blueraining, the emperor of Sui. This caused Sui_Dynasty perished and left the War.

Late August- Late December

Due to the schools in China starts during the period, the members of both sides become less active, or even inactive. This caused the war turned into a glued one.

December 2019

The war in China has been mostly accepted by people living in China (on EMC) to have ended at a stalemate. No agreements have been made and occasional murders and clashes still occur in China, but far less frequently than in the starting days of the war.

Before the war

The cheater


Skirmish outside xiang_yang (China).


  • Xiang_yang(襄阳)‘s major Yobetchel a.k.a. Blueraining started out as the mayor of Beijing (later renamed Tangshan). The player got banned in mid August
  • The reason for the Ming joining the war is that Cobetkhei always attacks Chinese players, especially Ming's players.
  • BommBap only served as the Liao emperor for three days, He joined the Sui after the abdication.
  • Because of a contradiction between Ming and "Green Town" Hangzhou, Ming, and China's armies started a tense standoff in Hangzhou. But due to PvP being disabled at last, all of them gave up the war.
  • Sui often reset their national spawn point between Xiangyang and Suao in order to achieve a rapid transfer of troops.
  • The city where CobetKhei is located has been renamed three times: Fuzhou(福州), Fuqing(福清), Suao(苏澳).
  • Gang of four(四人帮):Ylome,CobetKhei,Bommbap,YobetChel


  • Until now, there is no treaty in force.

Aftermath & Casualties

Qin/Han: 150 +killed( most are unarmed civilians) 12 combat logged 3 banned

Sui/Yue/Yuan : 9 killed, one kicked (final warning before ban), 2 logged, 1 banned

Ming 明: 6 killed, one 24 hour ban

Mongolia 蒙: One killed

Qing 清 (Formerly Manchuria): 5 killed, two combat logged,

Liao 遼: 3 killed, one combat logged, three 24 bans, one permaban

Jin (Now belongs to Liao) (volunteers)金 : One killed

China ** : 1 killed

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