Chios was first founded on January 12, 2019. After collapsing a few months later, Chios was a wasteland for some time. In June 2019, current mayor TheCriticizer refounded the island of Chios building it up from the ruins.

Chios currently has 1 councilor (MyNayme), and 3 residents. The island of Chios is declared part of the Byzantine Empire. Chios' amenities include a lighthouse, harbor, cow farm, nether wart farm, wheat farm, bridge to Smyrna-de-Mare, a fighting pit for prisoners, and an Eastern Orthodox Church.

The Island of Chios is located south of Constantinople, the nations capital, and west of Smyrna-de-Mare. Chios is considered a Neutral Island and doesn't partake in many violent conflicts with the nation's enemies.

Map of Chios

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