Autumnshire (Officially the City of Autumnshire) was established first on March 31, 2019. It collapsed on June 21, 2019. It was left to raiders and scavengers but remained mostly intact. It was re-established by the same mayor, DMKBoyz, on October 16, 2019.


The First Autumnshire

The mayor, DMKBoyz, used to own Alivaire in the British Columbia region. The only reason he moved to start a new town which was Autumnshire was because of the trees in Alivaire and how the region was becoming crowded. In late-March, he left Alivaire and left it in charge of a resident who brought the town to the ground. Autumnshire was established on March 31, 2019.

An Inactive Autumnshire

DMKBoyz was still the mayor and built Aspera Memorial Park. As the days went on, he grew bored on EMC and left the town to rot. Before a Cascadian election in May, he decided to leave and left Cascadia during the last week of may. On June 21, 2019, with Autumnshire still inactive, he collapsed it himself. He wasn't seen again until October 11, 2019, when he rejoined.

The Second Autumnshire

He made preparations while staying in Olympia, Cascadia (Modern Day Washington) and drafted the Charter of Autumnshire. The city was re-established on October 16, 2019, as the Charter City of Autumnshire. Since then, Aspera Memorial Park was restored. West Blossom Avenue, and two houses were built.

The Unofficial Occupation of Autumnshire

On October 19, 2019, DMKBoyz was building a house in Autumnshire when he noticed someone with an invisibility potion wandering by him. He hadn't claimed the land he was building his house on so he was very vulnerable. He ran back to the safety of the claimed Aspera Memorial Park and confronted the person in msg. They left soon after and killed an innocent person by the City of Great Slave Lake. On October 20, 2019, the person had come back with his friends. This was the start of a 1-2 hour unofficial occupation of Autumnshire, during which was one casualty. It was showed to Autumnshire's nation, Cascadia, who in return talked to the occupiers about an hour later. They had left a little before then. No military action was taken against the enemy nation. They only left when DMKBoyz went shopping in Europe.

Notable Sites

  • Aspera Memorial Park | It was established to remember the fallen city of Aspera Coast.
  • Katherine Lake Park | To preserve an important lake to the city and to add more scenary.
  • Katherine Station | The iceway station that connects Autumnshire to the Nunavut Iceway.
  • Autumnshire Community Center | The new city spawn.

Notable People

  • OreoToast - Cascadian Mayor - For connecting the town via Highway 24.
  • Estonian Mapping - Cascadian Mayor - For offering tons of help to restore Autumnshire
  • Bon - Cascadian Mayor - For helping when Autumnshire was "occupied".
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