Ciudad Real is a town in Spain, the mayor is Estojo. The discord is


Estojo lived in Castellon, until one day King 32Pengun invited him to create a city at a strategic point, named: "Ciudad Real", he accepted and created. The city already had a homeblock and a farm. Estojo, decided to create several houses, his first citizen was master enzo125, one of his best friends in real life. The town started to grow fastly, it got 21 in less than one month, but the citizens started to leave the town to make their one. Estojo, later became inactive, so the town lost it's 5 citizens and now it has only one. Finally, Estojo is not inactive anymore, he will expand the town. 


The buildings of this town are: Ciudad Real's Shop, Ciudad Real's Park, Ciudad Real's Bank and The Homeblock.

Notable People

Mayor Estojo

Ciudad Real in December 2019

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