ClamerYT or "Chad" or "Pet" and last of all "Bot" for short, is a Rupert's Land Player "Page creator" as he worked on Pages such as Skildo, Floppyboi, DredgenHope and Iluminati


ClamerYT is currently a member of the Nation of Rupert's Land and lives in Saskatoon and is very funny, he used to spend majority of his time asking in chat ";-; buying llamas does anyone have some llamas" but now has completed his quest to find some llamas,despite having hundreds of turtle pets that he kills in secret when no one is around.

ClamerYT's next quest is to find new ways he can improve his ClamWorths supermarket and maximise the efficiency of gaining profits from his store.

ClamerYT's current residence

ClamerYT currently owns the supermarket chain "ClamWorths" which is to take full affect soon opening in the Rupert's Land Shopping District rivalling the World- Reowned SkildoMart which too is also in Rupert's Land Shopping District.

Early History

ClamerYT first joined EarthMC on 20th January, 2020 as on the first day, he joined Saskatoon and was recruited by Mayor of Saskatoon Snump ClamerYT also brought along his friend Iluminati, ever since both members have stayed in Saskatoon and has not changed residence at all, despite ClamerYT wanting to move to the capital of Rupert's Land for power and to murder hes victims irl .


  • ClamerYT Lives in Canada, which is the 3rd town of the Nation
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