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Co-emperor of Katanga
Flag of Katanga

since 4th March 2021
Reports to Emperor of Katanga
Appointer Emperor of Katanga
Formation 8th January 2021
First holder RcFace.png rcvq

The co-emperor of Katanga is the second highest ranking position within Katanga. The holder of the position is responsible for assisting the Emperor of Katanga in duties for the Katangese population. The position was created on the 8th January 2021, with then-Emperor Yoshigamer1298 announcing rcvq to become the first co-emperor of Katanga. Toasterburnt is the incumbent co-emperor.


The duties of the co-emperor of Katanga were first formally announced with the co-Emperor contract of Toasterburnt, with the contract saying that the job was to ensure the happiness of the Katangese mayors, prevent trouble within the nation and to assist shop owners in the Katangese capital.


The position was created on the 8th January 2021, with Emperor Yoshigamer1298 choosing rcvq, suggesting he needed help leading the nation and to 'stay on the path to great success'. However, rcvq would soon go inactive after the announcement, until the abdication of Yoshigamer1298 on the 2nd March 2021.

Upon the abdication of Yoshigamer1298, Brobbo41 would be made Emperor. Rcvq was not alerted in this change of leadership until a day later on the 3rd March 2021, with her noticing the new leader in-game. Alongside her town, Dodoma, she would leave Katanga, abdicating the position of co-emperor as a result. However, Toasterburnt would announce that he had accepted the terms sent to him in a co-emperor contract on that day, with him becoming the new holder of the position on the 4th March.


N. Picture Name Term of Office

Duration of Office

(Extra details)

8th January 2021 3rd March 2021
54 days
Yoshigamer1298 (until the 2nd March 2021)

Brobbo41 (3rd March 2021)

4th March 2021 Incumbent
21+ days