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Coalition/Confederation of Japan
1200px-Flag of Japan.svg.png
Coat of Arms
200px-Imperial Seal of Japan.svg.png
National Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny
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Capital City Toyama, Kagoshima, Shikara, Kuril
Largest City Flag of Monbetsu, Hokkaido.svg.png Monbetsu
Oldest City
Established 27-29th August 2019
Government Information
Leader Yllalen, Baron_Sigma, alek_b, RainbowssDoggo
Prime Minister
Political System Government military commissariat.png Coalition of Clans
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English

Drapeau du japon avec bords.png Japanese

Official Religion Syn.jpg Synism
Army Size Classified
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders FenZenyatta, Synargle, Snowzz_b, Yllalen
Past Capitals

The Coalition/Confederation of Japan is an alliance between all clans located on the Japanese Archipelago, more important than any other alliance. It was formed after the second election of Emperor Yllalen, and after his abdication from the Japanese Imperial throne. He is now leading Ashikaga, one of the major clans.


The Book before Time (6th May - 15th May)

On the 6th of May, FenZenyatta was invited into a group which was discussing the future of Japan. During the past 2 months, Japan has been very inactive and it was unknown what would happen to it. He decided to persue a revival of the nation, bringing it back to life.

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Book of Genesis (15th May - 15th June)

Chapter I: The Creation of Japan

On the 15th May, Imperial_Japan was made.

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Chapter II: Emperor Fen (15th May - 15th June)

Book of Change (15th June - 29th August)

Chapter I: Emperor Synargle (15th June - 22nd July)

Chapter II: Interregnum (22nd July - 10th August)

Chapter III: Emperor Yllalen (10th August - 29th August)

After Yllalen's victory in elections. He started making a reforms. The main reforms were changing the hand of the emperor to Snowzz_b, and after that renaming it to Prime Minister, adding Fjolnir to Imperial Council. Add more. On the 29th August, Yllalen accepted the clan system, starting the Book of Shards.

Book of Shards (29th August - Present)

Chapter I: When the Crystals Shatters (29th August - Present)

Yllalen renamed Japan to Ashikaga, thus breaking Japan and starting the era of clans. Baron_Sigma renamed Ryukyu to Shimazu. From now on, all history of clans will be recorded in their separate wikis, while the Coalition/Confederation will keep this page.

Links to the clans' wiki pages

Ashikaga: Ashikaga

Shimazu: Ryukyu

Past Leaders

Emperor Fen

Emperor Synargle

Emperor Yllalen (of Japan, currently leading the Ashikaga clan)

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