The Coalition is an alliance against Intermarium.


The Coalition started when Bornholm left Denmark and joined Intermarium. Wroclaw left Poland and also joined Intermarium. The two nations then created an alliance called the Coalition.


Name Joined
Denmark 29th March 2019
Poland 29th March 2019
Pomerania 29th March 2019
Norway 29th March 2019
Britain 30th March 2019
RusFederation 30th March 2019
Sweden 30th March 2019
Cuba 30th March 2019

Propaganda Posters

Coalition propaganda against dymoslaw

A Danish poster showing Intermarium looming over the bodies of dead civilians

Coalition of the 4 nations

Propaganda poster depicting the four founding members as cavalry officers leading their troops into battle

Ww1 cavalry poster

A propaganda poster persuading people to enlist and fight at the Battle of Wroclaw

Loose lips propaganda

A poster warning military personnel not to talk about upcoming missions

You are the man I want

A British propaganda poster depicting British General Guineapigplays pointing at the reader saying 'YOU are the man I want'

Crush Intermarium

A poster persuading Polish citizens to buy potions from the government to fund the war

I want you coalition

This poster was made to convince nations and towns to join the Coalition

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