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The town of Cobar was formed sometime long ago and fell into ruin due to inactivity.


The Early days

Long long ago but not too long ago, a boy named Jasper_ escaped from the clutches of the surveillance state of PortMacquarie and founded his own town of Cobar. He was tired of the oppressive nature and limitations that the town provided, and wanted to make a safe haven for freedom lovers alike. He founded the capitalist's utopia of Cobar.

The Town

In Cobar Jasper would allow the acquisition of unlimited plots provided they had the gold, and he would use his own gold to make wonders so large you could see them from the world over. He started recruiting



Hanging Gardens

Globe Theatre

Noteworthy People

Jasper_ - The engine of Cobar, builder of wonders and roads.

Timmymac23 - Co-founder of Cobar, brutally back stabbed by leader.

Bluegirl02 - Slave.

Ootti - Town drunk.