Cochabamba is a fallen town that used to be the capital of the biggest South American nation, Bolivia-Peru, Bolivia-Peru is the leading nation for the 3 nation conglomerate the Inca_Empire (Ecuador, Amazonas, Bolivia-Peru.) It's town leader became inactive after the capital was changed to lima and then, around November, Lima became inactive, and eventually the whole alliance. The only person who was active at that moment was OwO_The_God (now prlckly,) who was grinding for gold to split off from the Incan Empire to become a nation. Cochabamba was renamed to Central_Inca after the capital change and it fell after an almost year long history on Feb 12th, 2020. The announcement of Central_Inca falling on the Incan_Empire discord was one of the last time people talked on the discord, because it was a relatively large town at it's peak, around 10 people and 35 chunks. RIP central inca.

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