Combine Alliance
Fl combine alliance
Town Information
Full Name Combine Alliance
National Anthem
Name in Towny Combine_Alliance
Established March 20th 2019
Nation Pvr flag Viceroyalty of Peru
Population 15
Chunks 80
Continent South america South America
Government Information
Mayor NoxiousNet NoxiousNet
Councillors N/A
Political System
Economic System
Official Language
  • Englishflag English
  • Flagspain Spanish
Official Religion Secular State
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Combine Alliance is a city located in Perú and belongs to the territory of the Viceroyalty of Peru.


Combine Alliance was created on March 20th, of 2019. The nearest cities are Lima, Cuzco ,Cusco and Callao.

It's a city with themes of City-17, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Sovietic theme ,(This town isn't comunist) trying to reply some City-17 places and real life builds like the plaza de armas of Ica.


One day, March 14th 2019, NoxiousNet tried to join to the server. He did but days after the queue was created. This player spawned in the coast of Brazil, near the north. He cross the Amazon jungle and reached Lima. Then, he met a player named Blis_Ike and got his first house in that small medieval town at a cheap price. The days passed and he saved gold to make his town. He was gathering gold (he needed 32) and VillagerFilms, leader from Incan Empire in that moment, helped him. The first town had the name of a real town named Piura, but it was disbanded minutes later because the town did not reach the range of the nation, but NoxiousNet did not spend the gold remaining so he asked VillagerFilms again to make the town. He went to the south to make another real life town, Arequipa, but he didn't arrived to the right place, so, without knowing, he created his town in the Ica departament. He named it Arequipa first.

W.I.P And may change...


In the first days of the town, NoxiousNet built the Plaza of Armas of the town with the size of 1 chunk (Actually in 2020 we're making a 3x3 Plaza of Armas based in real life). He built behind it a trainstation metro or better known as spawn.

W.I.P And may change...


Work in progress...


Combine Alliance is the third most important city in the Viceroyalty of Peru.


The Patagonian Army protects Combine Alliance.

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