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The Communist Society Of Britain is a humanist/communist organization which strives for a free and equal Britain where no-one is oppressed and no-one lives in large palaces or houses, while some live in dirt shacks and wooden huts. We believe in less centralization around London and more political events and culture in the country.

- Unfortunately we remain anonymous due to the risk of our members being thrown out of our capitalist communities by our oppressors

( We praise the great communists of classic EarthMC, and regard them as our leaders, even though they have left the Minecraft community )


  1. We wish to abolish the monarchy
  2. We wish to remove accordism
  3. We wish to remove capitalism
  4. We wish to remove The House of Lords
  5. We wish to remove centralization around London
  6. We wish to instate a communist parliament
  7. We wish to have a free society where wealth should be based on abilities and talents. Such as building, redstone, baking or politics.
  8. We believe in Trostky's theories, and wish to have a society which is in constant revolution, with critical citizens.