Summary of the Congo's Birth

Twas a another nation by the name of Congo but it died.

The Kingdom of the Congo was Founded by John_of_Aus.

Congo Flag.png
Flooding Era
National Information
Full Name The Cult of the Congo
National Anthem Objects I Shoved Up my Arse (During Christmas the Christmas edition is played instead)
Name in Towny Congo
Motto I am from the Congo and I will eat your Arse
Population Me and Me
/n list page 23
Capital City Gamboma
Largest City Gamboma
Oldest City Gamboma
Established 1/2/20
Disbanded Never
Government Information
Leader John_of_Aus
Prime Minister
Political System Totalitarian Monarchist Cultist Thingy, One guy owns everything and owns the religion
Economic System All mine
Official Language English
Official Religion Bee Religion
Army Size No one Really
Dominions Nyasa
Part of Nyasa
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals



The Congo was founded on the 1/2/2020, it was placed inside the lands of the Victorian Congo, which could not do anything the Congo, as once the Congo was made it joined the United Africa, and also joined under Nubia for their protection. The Congo is lead by John of Aus, and the Cooler King of the Congo Recruit4Days, the nation then started to recruit to increase the population however, the King John had issues to deal with in IRL, causing the nation not to really do much. Victoria Congo was taken over by Creightor who became friendly with the Congo.

Nubia and Congo

Congo once founded joined under Nubia for protection

The Constitution of the Congo

Chapter I: Parliament

N/A, I haven't made this yet.

Chapter II: The Executive Government

I'm the Government, and you will do what I say.

Chapter III: The Judicature

I am Judge and the Executor.

Chapter IV: Finance and Trade

hopefully all gold will be mine.

Chapter V: The Towns

Hippity Hoppity your now my property.

Chapter VI: New States

They will become mine.

Chapter VII: Miscellaneous

Everything else.

Chapter VIII: Alteration of the Constitution

I can do what I want, when I want, and where I want, unless Choomoo (but fuck him) tells me not to.

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