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Conmqn (also known as conman3255, CallMeConman, RedVictini, CallMeKingJames, Bill_Clinton2019, John_Kasich2020, and reportedly "Lord Conman") is one of the most disliked players in the history of EarthMC.


CallMeConman joined EarthMC on January 19, 2018 and was toxic toward many users who encountered him. He was banned for advertising an EarthMC knock-off, but was later un-banned by Fix on March 10, 2019 . He eventually made a lower-quality version of England, as a puppet of Scotland, which displeased many users. On November 8-10, 2019 he had made his most known town Toledo and joined Michigan and within a week of owning Toledo he had recruited 100 players and on November 15, 2019 he joined the newly formed nation Ohio and joined the USA mega nation. He ran for president of the USA and had one of the largest debates with xspifflesx leader of Michigan at the time. He would lose the election by 20 votes and become a senator and work on recruiting and claiming Toledo.


CallMeConman has had many towns, which were arguably of low-quality. For example, the first town Tolatdo, contained no plots and all, allegedly forcing players to simply stand around, while he ask for vote gold. 

List of towns: 

  1. Tolatdo - March 2019 
  2. Ham - March 2019
  3. New Lyon (Cuba) - April 2019 
  4. Oban (Britain) - May 2019 
  5. Greater_London (United_Kingdom) - May 2019 
  6. New_Hell (Caledonia) - June 2019 
  7. Tolatdo (Hell) - November 2019
  8. South_Detroit (Ohio) - January 2020
  9. Shasta (Jefferson) - 2021