CTM headquarters

The Connect TM headquarters, situated in Kongsvinger

Connect TM
LOGO CTM transparent
General Information
Industry Transportation
Founded April 30th 2019
Founder(s) Nicosecci nicosecci
Headquarters Kongsvinger
Parent Company
Owner(s) Nicosecci nicosecci

CrAface _CrA6914

Operated by Union of Atlantic States
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Connect TM (or CTM) is an organization that projects and builds connections between towns.

Its logo can be found on banners in Connect TM stations.


Early days

The organization has been founded on 30th April 2019 by nicosecci. After seeing the first line from Arensburg to BlackFall built by TommyJ2 and mishprsu, he started creating a project to connect the further town of Sillamae (which in the future would become the Red Line).

The Uzhitz conflict

After nicosecci created his own town, Uzhitz, he decided that the first line would have been inaugurated was the BlackFall-Uzhitz. Some conflicts occured between Terra Mariana and Greater Finland, so the project has been completely canceled.

Officialization by Terra Mariana government

After some weeks, on 21st June 2019, the RPCTMO (Rules of Participation to the Connect TM Organization) has been approved by the Terra Mariana Royal Council and on the same day, the Red Line (iceroad+railway) was opened, emblem of fast connections between Terra Mariana towns.

Foreign expansion

In July 2019, the CTM network had expanded for the first time into a foreign country, Sweden, with _CrA6914 proposing an initial line between Kongsvinger and Tallinn. This was soon altered after discussions with nicosecci, and the line ended up going from Kongsvinger to Saaremaa via Nya Asgard now called Line 3. _CrA6914 is now the Co-Owner of CTM, managing lines mostly in Sweden where the headquarters is situated.

Second foreign expansion

To extend its network, a partnership has been created with the president of Godthab: RASPUTIN54. The latter has created a network of ice roads linking most of Greenland's cities and put this network under the authority of the CTM network.


Connect TM logo

The banner that identifies CTM stations

Currently 25 stations are part of the network, here are some:

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Constructed Lines:

Note that 1 metre = 1 block

Line Colour Length (Km) Terminal Stations Stations Commencement Newest Extension
1 Bright Red 2.4 St Petersburg | Rietavas - Siauliai 10 21 June 2019 14 March 2020
3 Navy Blue 2.3 Kongsvinger |  Saaremaa 6 8 August 2019 -
10 Light Blue Ceisis |  Krolewiec 6 22 December 2019 -
15 Purple Nya Asgard West | Klaipeda 6 12 October 2019 28 December 2019
K Yellow Kongsvinger | Karlstad Haakon Seventh 2 11 April 2020 -

Lines Planned / Under Construction:

Project From To Colour Length (Km) Stations Planned Opening
Line 2 Vasteras Central Scania Lime Green 7 Winter 2020
Line 4 Sjostad Nordfold Deep


4 28 May 2020
Line 5 FixedMines Petrograd Brown 6 Winter 2020
Line 1 Extension Rietavas-Siauliai Grodno Bright Red 2 Summer 2020
Line 3 Extension Saaremaa Petrograd Navy Blue 3 Summer 2020
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