Constantinople Edit

The city of Constantinople was established on the 26th of October by Syn on behalf of the Eastern Roman Empire. It is the 4th oldest town in Europe and was originally named "Byzantium" until it was changed to Constantinople later in the same day.

Early History Edit

The city was established on the 26th of October by Syn to ensure the region for the Eastern Roman Empire. It rapidly grew in size. "Old Constantinople" or the region right beside the Bosporus was initially covered in player chests and a trust system had to be implemented as there simply weren't enough plots for all the players. Clay collection has been very important for the city's development.

Portugal Edit

With the collapse of Portugal upon the release of TN, two of it's members: WTDPuddles and CorruptedGreed came to Constantinople and quickly established a town by the name of Philippopolis on the Aegean Sea

November 3rd Edit

However, by November 3rd, the first houses had been constructed and many of the citizens moved to establish new towns for the empire, thus alleviating the housing problem greatly.

November 4th Edit

On November 4th, players from the town of Krasnodar killed a citizen and raided the town, killing all the dogs, which instigated the construction of the Theodosian Walls the following day, November 5th.

Landmarks Edit

The Theodosian Walls: Currently under construction although the front gate facing the Bosporus is largely completed

The Bosporus: The strait separating Europe and Asia while bridging the gap between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea

The Domibus: The fancy houses for the elite of Constantinople, lavishly decorated with Quartz, Bricks and Terracotta.