CoolTitanium68 is the mayor of Killeen.


CoolTitanium68 was asked to join the Nation, Rio Grande, by his friend, North Paso, where he was asked to hold the second Senator seat for the town of Killeen. He joined sometime near the end of July, when Rio Grande was about a month old. At this time, the First Texas Civil War had wrapped up with Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi leaving Rio Grande and becoming their own nation.

When he joined he became one of the main builders inside the city of Killeen. As of this writing, he built the first skyscraper inside Killeen and is making plans inside their business district.

He was one of the main people driving the whole Texas Commonwealth unity. During this time, he became the mayor of the now-defunct Midland-Odessa and was in the works of being the mayor of Fort Worth

He went offline for several weeks so he could focus on school. He came back online on 11/04/2019 to work on his building. He now plans to work on the business district.

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