The battle of Kraftier was a conflict between Coolgamer127's side and kobiKraft's side. The battle was started when Coolgamer127 raised an army in Ethiopia and ran west into Kraftier in order to kill kobiKraft. This operation was possible because of Ethipioan leader JackJacksion showing eager volunteers the way to Kraftier by setting up signs to help navigate westwards toward Kobi's town.

People Against Kobi

  • Coolgamer127
  • _Mocc
  • Odditylol
  • Hydro78878
  • Xx_YuMu_xX
  • JackJackson
  • UghBraces
  • Qukkny
  • 57starkiller

Players with Kobi

  • KobiKraft
  • Daniel10a
  • TheSuperGamer205
  • MyTotoro200
  • Cherrycoke77


Coolgamer127's side declared victory when kobiKraft said he was too outnumbered to fight.

Screenshot of Coolgamer127 and allies after declaring victory

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