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Córdoba is a Spanish town owned by MiceBoom and eduardodd08. It's in the nation of Spain. Currently, it is the largest town in the nation of Spain and EarthMC by population in general and the 9th largest by claims in Spain.


Córdoba was made on March 23, 2019, by MiceBoom and eduardodd08.

Reign of MiceBoom and eduardodd08 (March 23, 2019 - November 22, 2019)

Not much is currently known about this period, but MiceBoom was the founder of Córdoba, chancellor of Spain, and the builder of almost all the iconic red sandstone buildings. Córdoba has expanded massively, it was one of the first original towns in the Iberian peninsula. On November 22, in the Spanish discord, MiceBoom announced that he is leaving his position as a chancellor and a mayor of Spain, so he could create the nation of Magreb, he said he wanted to make the nation since he joined the server. 32Pengun told MiceBoom to pass the town mayor rank to jbean45, to which he agreed.

Reign of jbean45 (November 22, 2019 - March 3, 2021)

This period was relatively stable, yet Cordoba was never a largely populated town, in the last months of his reign, jbean45 was the only resident of the town. Under jbean45, Córdoba experienced major changes, such as the addition of small water patterns on the ground. On February 17, 32Pengun advised jbean45 to make Ferraru a recruiter for the town, so the town would grow again. After some time of proving himself, Ferraru became a new mayor of Córdoba, jbean45 has been offered a mayor position in Antwerp, Spain.

Reign of Ferraru (March 3, 2021 - current moment)

Córdoba experienced a massive population growth, almost all the houses were occupied by residents. In a couple of weeks, Córdoba became the biggest town of EarthMC, hitting 100 residents. The town comprises about 1/4 of the population of Spain. Ferraru has been terraforming the areas laying nearby, and he has expanded the town too, claiming over 100 chunks. Because of him, Córdoba is one of the most recognisable towns in chat.

Notable People

  • MiceBoom
  • eduardodd08
  • jbean45
  • Ferraru

Streets of central Córdoba.

First screenshot of Ferraru and jbean45 both in the same picture. jbean45 was the mayor, Ferraru was the recruiter, who later became a new mayor of Córdoba.

Córdoba population graph, since February 16-17, the time when Ferraru became a recruiter, and later, the mayor.