Earthmc Wiki
General Information
In-Game Name CrAface.png _CrA6914
Joined July 14th 2019
Town Johor Bahru
Town Rank Mayor
Nation Malaysia
Nation Rank Minister of Infrastructure
Business Connect TM
Personal Information
Real Name
Nationality British
Gender Male
Discord _CrA#6914

_CrA6914 is a player on EarthMC. He is currently the mayor of Johor Bahru, and the Minister of Infrastructure of Malaysia.



_CrA6914 joined EMC on July 14th, 2019. He spawned in Taiyuan, China, and started travelling towards Europe on foot and by boat. After several hours, he arrived at Romania, the first European nation of his voyage. He then walked north, up the Balkans while making some food, for he had ran out of food at this point.

He arrived in an unclaimed area between present-day Arensburg and Riga in Terra Mariana and had set up a little farm. It was there where he met a player in full diamond gear who had surprisingly not kill _CrA6914. He didn't catch the username.

Joining Sverige (Sweden)

He decided to sail through Gothenburg into Central Scandinavia to begin building his town. He added a farm, a small shop, a town hall, a church, and a mine. That was when he began building the road between what was then Matrand and Gothenburg. When construction finished he met Shanka who killed him, but gave him his stuff back and wished him well.

Four days in, NordicFenris approached him. He claimed to have been watching _CrA on the map and his activity and offered to fund his town. _CrA accepted as he felt he had no choice.

The next day, Haikka came over to visit and gave him a few resources. He also offered to connect Matrand up to the Trans-Scandinavian highway, and he agreed. Matrand was the first town in the nation to have a train station.

A couple of days later, he began construction of the Tower of Light, and this was where he met Bene1479 (or Nindu123 as he was called at the time). He began to attack _CrA6914 but eventually joined the nation with his town Hardanger. This was also at the time when the nation changed from Sverige to Kalmar Union.

Connect TM

Having established his town in Sweden, he began looking for greater international influence. He decided that the best way was to begin branching the existing Trans-Scandinavian highway. _CrA reached out to the mayor of Tallinn and asked for an ice road connecting Tallinn and Matrand. It was at this point where Nicosecci, the Minister of Infrastructure in Terra Mariana and owner of CTM contacted _CrA, stating that a connection to BlackFall would be easier. It was also decided that the two nations would be served by CTM, with _CrA becoming the Minister of Infrastructure of the Kalmar Union. They began digging what was to be called Line 7, and the line was opened soon after.

This action led to more projects being developed later on, with Line 2 connecting Midgard Bifrost completed soon after, and line 5 beginning construction.

He has been working for CTM since arriving at the company.

Transition from Sweden to Malaysia

Having spent over a year in Kongsvinger, Sweden, _CrA6914 became increasingly tired of Europe, with Britain, Finland, and Denmark posing threats towards Sweden thus stagnating its growth. His activity on EMC decreased, logging on a few times a month just to keep his town alive. However, on the 25th October 2020, Sweden was sold to Germany for 3000 gold. ENLS and CrA then migrated to the Malaysian Peninsula, where they would create a new nation, Malaysia. With its creation on the 26th October 2020, CrA and ENLS worked hard in diplomatic relations towards its surrounding neighbours including Singapore, and Vietnam.


Town Nation Date Joined Date Left
Kongsvinger Sweden July 14th 2019 26 October 2020
Johor Bahru Malaysia 26 October 2020 N/A