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The Saint CrazyMarCraft, Esq. is a player on EarthMC. He is an international player, living and owning properties in various countries throughout Western Europe and the Americas, such as Britain, France, Spain, and New_York. He has been a member of Britain longest out of all previous nations and is currently the Mayor of Connery in Scotland and an Royal Minister in the British Privy Council under Emperor MineHero43. He previously served as an Advisor in the Cabinet of PM RoseBrugs and as a Minister in both Tomm's and FBI_Bro's Cabinet.

In the Beginning...

CrazyMarCraft joined on the 21st of June of 2019. He spawned in the middle of Russia and, after being invited by the then-32Slaid_ (now _Slaid), he made his way to Europe where he settled in the Spanish town of Perpignan. He built a large house in the coastline which can still be seen today. He spent his first few days exploring the Mediterranean, even going so far as to sailing from Perpignan all the way to London. In the following weeks, CrazyMarCraft bought a house on the Jersey Shore in Newark, New_York (now known as New_Jersey) with the help of Bigred_. He owned it as an Embassy of the Spanish Empire. During this time, he's also acquired a townhouse in the Manhattan neighborhood of New_York, across from Grand Central. 


Everything seemed well. However, due to his town’s inactivity, CrazyMarCraft decided to relocate and moved to Nantes, France (now nonexistant). He believed he would find more “action” there, but was proven wrong. He had little to no money to buy a house. He found out he'd been pushed out of his Manhattan home for no particular reason, so his only shelter was his old embassy in Newark. However, after several weeks of trying and saving, CrazyMarCraft was able to secure a meeting with MineHero43 and bought the townhouse in London he'd always wanted.

Early 2020

He was happy there, but due to his inactivity at the end of 2019, his data was lost and he spawned in his townhouse one day without the permissions to do anything. Dismayed, he tried to join London again but was faced with the server's new policy of being invited. As no Londoner was online, he was forced to join the first town that invited him, which turned out to be Genoa (changed to North_West_Italia the same day). CrazyMarCraft was shocked when he saw that the town's owner was attempting to sell the nation minutes after he joined. With that, he set out to be a part of a notable town and he was obliged when he was invited to Montreal.

Back to Britain

CrazyMarCraft in Black Tie

After another hiatus, CrazyMarCraft returned to EarthMC in April 2020. He, again, found that his data had been erased due to his inactivity and was forced to find a new home. This time, however, he planned it accordingly, trying to join a semi-active, well-known town where the owner wasn't trying to sell it the same day. He found one, very close to his old townhouse in London: Sussex, Britain. With the help of Warriorrr, the then-mayor of Sussex, he was able to join the thriving town just south of London and bought a new townhouse the same day. He has had many visitors since then including businessmen, social elites, and Prime Ministers.

Acquiring More Properties

In late May 2020, CrazyMarCraft was exploring the Eastern Coast of America and came across the newly formed nation of D.C. with its capital city being Washington. He found the city and the environment charming and started investigating the possibility of owning an embassy or plot there. Luckily for him, the President of D.C., DashSlayer25, was happy to oblige and sold him a 6-floor tower in Downtown D.C. two city blocks away from the White House and F.B.I. Headquarters. He approached his government about the possibility of turning that tower into a legitimate governmental Embassy of Britain. Unfortunately, his request was denied after negotiations fell through between D.C. President DashSlayer25 and British Prime Minister Seranil due to D.C.'s alliance with the infamous American Sex-State Alliance. On the top floor of the tower, he built a private office for himself in case there was ever a need for someone to acquire his services. He still has four floors completely unoccupied (as the first floor was built into a lobby) and has let it known that they are open to anybody who needed a space in the Downtown D.C. area, be it for a shop, a living space, etc.

Migga's old Tower in Washington, D.C.

A few weeks later, while trapped in New_Jersey because teleportation was down, CrazyMarCraft met with the Mayor of Newark, Bigred, and asked if there were any properties for sale. He was shown many and then saw that his old house on the Jersey Shore was unoccupied. Delighted with the opportunity to have his old place again, he claimed the plot and established it as his personal embassy in New_Jersey. Unlike the tower in D.C., the property in Newark was a small house meant for living, not business. Nevertheless, he was glad to have his "second base of operations" again.

In mid-June, CrazyMarCraft was approached by the leader of Monaco, Camialstraw, about an old property he held there, in the Hotel de Paris. CrazyMarCraft asked if there were any new houses or buildings for sale. Indeed there were and he bought a large three story house along the border between Monaco and Nice, France.

Moving Up in Society and Government

Mar with his famous custom painting "The Saint"

Around the Fall of 2020, CrazyMarCraft was beginning to get recognized for his loyalty to the British nation and was made into a Member of Parliament for the town of Sussex on the insistence of Seranil. After moving to London a second time, MineHero43 offered him the mayorship of Shetland, now Connery, a small town to the north of Scotland made up of small islands to reward him for his continuous support of Britain. Mar accepted and began setting up his plans for the islands, particularly plans for a "Justice League" (see below).

For a short period of time near the end of 2020, CrazyMarCraft was made into an Earl in BrexitDeal's College of Arms. There he helped BrexitDeal along with other Earls to manage and approve clients' orders for various coats of arms, be it for their town, their nation, or their own personal "family" coat of arms. Unfortunately, the future of the College, and Mar's participation in it, is in question due to a rather large "shake-up" in the leadership of the College after BrexitDeal stepped down and enanemes replaced him as the Earl Marshall.

On Christmas Day, Mar was promoted to the position of Non-Portfolio Minister at the back-end of FBI_Bro's government. This was his first ever Ministerial position and he made an effort to make an impression among the powerful elite of the British government, and one could argue it paid off.

In mid-January of 2021, under the new Prime Ministerial government of Tomm_, CrazyMarCraft was promoted to Minister again, this time in the Ministry of Great British Affairs. Since then, he has been working hard to support Tomm's government, be it in accepting new members into the Commonwealth or helping in the formation of the new North Sea Empire. As a high-ranking member of the British government, he exercises his authority appropriately, being noted for taking his position seriously.

The Justice League and Future Plans

CrazyMarCraft has brought up the idea of the creation of a "Justice League" on more than one occasion, even going so far as having a law drafted and proposed (by Seranil) to the Parliament for their official support of it.

The following is the the proposal sent to the Parliament:

From @CrazyMarCraft, Esq. [Shetland] "Create a “Justice League” nation in Antarctica (where we wouldn’t have to worry about a 4.1 rule) and build a large base hovering in the air (up to build limit) to simulate a "Watchtower" which includes residences, farms, possibly shops, etc. It would possibly have alliances with all the major nations and their purpose would be to provide “justice;” this mean in terms of building towns, defense, diplomacy, etc."

A poster advertising the construction of the Justice League Watchtower (c. December 2020).

Despite the fact that it was rejected, he was inspired to take action towards reaching that goal on his own, beginning with the building of the Justice League Watchtower high above Connery. He has made significant progress in it, such as preparing the landscape for the construction of the satellite, building a mock Watchtower in a Creative world, and gathering materials for the building of it. Recently, he requested a payment of 200G from the Bank of sageblue_ to help fund the new chunk claims and the materials needed, as most of the money had come out-of-pocket for Mar.

A rather crude image of the Commonwealth Ice Railway plan.

Although the Justice League would be a far-reaching and time-consuming project, Mar has stated his ideas for some more "short-term" projects. These include: the creation of an underground ice road connecting Connery with the National Network (specifically the Norway Line); setting up a "shipping lane" that would guide boats sailing from northern Great Britain to Connery with a trail of torches that would simulate a road or a runway; and one of the more ambitious and maybe even "unrealistic" projects, the creation of a international ice road connecting almost all of the major Commonwealth nations of the Eastern Hemisphere, breaking off of the New York Line and heading South and then East, hitting the coast of South Africa and reaching all the way to Australia. Mar's logic for this rather large project is the inconvenience players need to cope with when teleportation is down (having experienced some troubles himself, being caught in another continent when teleportation is down). He thinks of it as a "contingency" that could also bring the Commonwealth nations closer together by encouraging trade, travel, and communication. At the same time, it would help in the development of Commonwealth nations by increasing their transportation capacity and giving them access to an international ice network that most literally cross oceans.


Many people have often asked Mar what the title at the end of his name means, referring of course to the "Esq." "Esq." is the shorted form of Esquire, "an official title of respect...sometimes places, especially in abbreviated form, after a man's surname in formal written address; applied to a commoner considered to have gained the social position of gentleman" ( Being such a sophisticated member of the international community, it was seen fit to give CrazyMarCraft the title of "Esquire."


One of Mar's many suits

Mar's 3-Piece Blue Suit

Mar outside of his Sussex townhouse

Mar at the entrance to his Sussex townhouse

Another of Mar's skins