A cool minecrafter who is writing a wiki page on himself. He is the best gamer in all of Minecraft, according to him.


Early History

Creditworthy joined the server in Mid-December 2018. After spawning in the middle of North America, he and QTheBest headed west to the Colorado River, and settled near a waterfall north of Sedona. The first building in the settlement was built by Creditworthy and known as the "Peasant Shack," as it was a small building near the mineshaft.

Integration into Arizona

Eventually, a Sedonan named AmericanTaco came to the settlement and made peace with Creditworthy and QTheBest. In exchange, he offered them to join the nation of Arizona. Thus, the town of Mesa was officially established and integrated into Arizona, marking a period of rapid expansion. Work was started on the two Mesa Towers, with Creditworthy collecting resources and QTheBest building the structure. Work was also started on the still-unfinished Great Mall Of The Sun.

Rejoining of server

In Early January, Creditworthy became inactive, rejoining on February 15, 2019 and establishing the Peasant Shack II, as well as founding Gang Gang, which he and QTheBest are the only members of so far.


  • Mesa|Arizona
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