Amarok the all knowing.

The Awakening of Amarok

Amarok the all knowing has given the world an ultimatum one winter evening, while MomboCombu was talking with friends. MomboCombo was making fun of the official religion of Danelaw as he told his Inuit friends "There is no God and if there was it wouldn't be a stupid parrot" when Amarok spoke through MomboCombu. MomboCombus eyes rolled back as blood flowed out his nose like rain. MomboCombu started chanting an ancient Inuit song in a language nobody could understand. When he came to his senses, MomboCombu was frantic as he warned the Inuit people of Amaroks rage. The reason for Amaroks awakening is still unknown, but priests theorize that it is because of parrots around the world obtaining holy status which enraged Amarok.

That night, every Inuit settlement was hit by a strong blizzard. The winds were so great that small children were blown away, never to be seen again. Igloos collapsed against the winds and any pregnant woman that felt the snow of the storm would eventually fail to give birth due to horrific complications. After an hour of extreme winds the moon seemed to float closer to the earth, revealing itself as the face of Amarok. All the Inuit bowed and the wind seemed to suddenly stop, allowing for Amaroks voice to be heard all over the world. In a long forgotten form of Inuktitut, he demanded the sacrifice of at least 3 parrots a year to calm his hunger. If this task was not completed Amarok threatened to eat the sun.

Amarok the All Knowing and the Holy Ultimatum

Amarok is an ancient God that is twice the size of the tallest mountain. Amarok has the body of a mighty wolf, while he has an extremely elongated and scaly neck resembling a snake. Amaroks face is that of an all seeing owl, who watches over the Earth day and night.

The Holy Ultimatum is what the Inuit people call Amaroks first appearance, where he threatened to eat the sun if the Inuit failed to sacrifice enough parrots.

The Principles of the Creed

There are several principles and teachings the Inuit practice in order to appease Amarok the all knowing.

  1. Amarok does not tolerate weakness. This principle is not a big problem for the Inuit because of the environment they grow up in. This principle warns against babies bearing birth-defects and foreigners.
  2. The people under the creed must redistribute their wealth based on need. This plays into the first principle of Amarok not tolerating the weak. Because Amarok does not tolerate the weak, Inuit communities need to make sure every follower of Amarok has enough to get by, those who are too weak to share are ritualistically sacrificed in the name of Amarok.
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