Flooding Era
July 23rd - October 3rd

Crowded Era

Stabilization Era

The following events occurred during the Crowded Era:


  • Ibxtoycat releases his second video on EarthMC
  • ...


July 19th

  • Ibxtoycat joins the server for the first time since April, and is killed by Unbated and Camialstraw.

July 23rd

  • Ibxtoycat releases his second video on EarthMC, causing many new players to join the server and lengthen the queue
  • The town of Sainte-Blanche is created by Nigong in Antarctic

July 24th

  • a new Constitution for New York is Ratified

July 29th

  • Mecca is the first town to hit the maximum chunks at 75 people

July 30th

July 31st

August 2019

August 4th

  • The nation of Ungava is created

August 5th

  • Start of the Uesugi-Christiana conflict

August 7th

August 9th

August 11th

  • Former Emperor of Siam, Fluxify I returns to the Siamese Throne.
  • Silver__ is able to become King of Carolina, and sells the nation 2 days later

August 15th

August 16th

  • MasterFaustino, once mayor of New Tolanaro, is crowned King Of Nepal by EternalFlavour.

August 19th

August 17th

  • Great Plains is disbanded by ScaryDragon and he leaves the server.

August 24th

  • Kansas City is disbanded by ScaryDragon and he finally quits the server.

August 25th

  • The town of Kansas City is reestablished by LittleMining and he also recreates Great Plains the same day.

September 2019

September 1st

September 2nd

  • Skater2323 is permanentley banned for exceeding 5 warnings, the most recent of which was him using a minimap mod which allowed him to detect nearby players, even those underground or invisible. This violates rule 1.1 and as such he was banned indefinitely.

September 9th

September 13th

  • New Jersey proclaims independence from New York.

September 14th

September 15th

  • The Triumvirate consisting of the Greater Roman Empire, France, and Spain declares war on the German Empire.
  • _Nauk won 550g in 15 minutes through a lucky streak at Nepal Casino, only to lose 900g again after she returned for a rematch.

September 23rd

September 25th

  • Patagonia is being threatened by Greater Reich alliance and opened emergency (closed /n spawn), day a later emergency was removed since no attacks came.

September 26th

September 28th

  • Wisconsin joins the Virginia Commonwealth.

October 2019

October 1st

  • The alliance named the United Nations of America is formed in Colombia
  • Mexico and Cuba joins the United Nations of America

October 2nd

  • GGOVI joins towny, after shutting down factions

October 3rd

  • FuzeIII requests to be banned which is granted.
  • The United Nations of America is officially renamed to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
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