Cuba, officially the People's Democratic Republic of Cuba, is a nation based in the Caribbean and Central America led by President FishyCalls. It contains various territories stretching from the Florida Panhandle to Lake Nicaragua.


Jartavious and BamBam

In the waning days of the Second Texas Civil War, Jartavious and BamBamTheEggman fled Rio Grande to the island of Cuba to escape Rio Grande's persecution of Jahists, a religious group following Jah_The_Lord. Jah had previously ignited the civil war in a bid for power as the Texas Commonwealth fell apart.

The island of Cuba, recently vacated as the previous Cuban nation had fell a few months prior, became The Kingdom of Cuba under Jartavious as King and BamBam as Prince. Soon after its founding, Jartavious "died" and BamBam took his place, throwing Cuba into multiple conflicts, including the Second Great Server War.

Eventually, BamBam sold Cuba to that0neweirdo, demolished all buildings in Havana, and left for the United States where he promptly got banned.

That0neweirdo and mrg00se


In the end, that0neweirdo's reign was ended like BamBam's, with a ban. Ownership of Cuba was briefly transfered to mrg00se, who then attempted to sell it to lunlun. However, after giving Cuba to lunlun, the latter refused to hand over the agreed 300g.


Upon gaining control of Cuba, it soon became a colony of Niger (where lunlun had originally been from). Lun primarily used Cuba as a base to commit various terrorist acts, as opportunities for actual expansion were limited. Though Cuba itself did not grow significantly under lunlun, he did set the groundwork for the modern Cuban nation, notably being the one to make both its current Discord server and the first major leader to not get banned.

Though lunlun himself was never banned, he did sell off Cuba once his friend Unbated was banned, retiring to a peaceful ranch in Qing, or something. Before he left Cuba, though, he did send the link to the Cuba discord in one of his own personal discords, leading to some new arrivals...







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