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Goodbye Antlex we will miss you (2019-2021)

1024px-Flag of Cuba.svg.png
Coat of Arms
Cuba claims.png
National Information
Full Name 1024px-Flag of Cuba.svg.png Republic of the Cuba Realm
National Anthem
Name in Towny Cuba
Motto "Viva Cuba; Viva la revolution!"
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG159
Chunks 7449
/n list page
Capital City Havana
Largest City England
Oldest City Havana
Established 5th of February 2020
Government Information
Leader Ricardo.png _Beanyy (Crown.png)
Prime Minister
Political System Meritocracy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism (Santa Clara is CommunistHammer.png)
Official Language
Official Religion Ricardoism & Mr. Beanism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders 8 emperors, 4 prime ministers
Past Capitals

Cuba is a nation which is located in the Caribbean and Central America led by the Emperor _Beanyy. It Contains various territories from as far north as Georgia, as far south as northern Brazil, it claims parts of Mexico, all of Central America - now even Panama, much of northern South America, and all of the caribbean except Puerto Rico. It's claims are recognized by the leaders of neighboring nations.

Pre–Antlex History

work in progress timeline
Year Months Leader Notable Events
2018 October October 26th: First confirmed settlers of Cuba
2019 January
February February 28th: Nation of Cuba fell
March Vwon
April Vwon
May Vwon
June Vwon
July Vwon
September BamBamTheEggman

and Jartavious

September 17th: BamBamTheEggman and Jartavious make Cuba again
November That0neWeirdo November 20th: That0neWeirdo bought Cuba

sold before dec 14

December MrG00se

Lunlun "thelunlun"

December 11-15

December 11 - 15: lunlun scammed for Cuba

2020 January Boonyy January 29th - February 2nd: Boonyy bought Cuba

Cuba became a colony of German Samoa

February ju2nananas February 14th: Boonyy transfers leadership of Cuba to ju2nananas
March FishyCalls March 11th: West Caribbea declares war on Cuba to support New Spain

March 12th: ju2nanas transfers leadership of Cuba to FishyCalls (7 leaders before and including fishycalls)

June Antlex June 1st: The town of Santa Clara is made

June 9th: West Caribbea bought and merged with Cuba

September Antlex & Benny September 7th: The town of Sancti Spiritus is made

September 16th: Cuba and Haiti merged September 30th: Cuba declares war on Orlando

October October 4th: Cuba won the Orlando-West Florida War
December December 22nd; Yucatan joins Cuba as a province nation

December 27th: Yucatan is kicked from Cuba and war is declared on due to violations of border agreements and hostility

2021 January January 15th: Cuba won the Yucatan War
February February 26th: The Superior Administration Declares war on the USA for mistreating allies and having supported Yucatan
May Benny May 4th: Panama joined Cuba as a province nation

May 21st: Antlex quit and resigned

June June 4th: The new government is established
July July 5th: Trimortum leaves the NAP

July 26th: Argues illegally created Bayamo and expanded to 40 chunks despite our negotiations, Bayamo wall is constructed

September September 20th: Cuba declares war on Francia
2022 January
February February 22nd: Cuba derecognizes and declares war on the Catholic Church and recognizes the Church of Panama
March March 10th: Past 1 term prime minister and royal advisor, RollinsLiverPool, quits EMC

Jartavious and BamBamTheEggman fled Rio Grande to Cuba to escape Rio Grande's persecution of Jahists, a religious group following Jah_The_Lord. The island of Cuba was recently vacated as the previous Cuban nation had fell a few months prior. Eventually, BamBam sold Cuba to that0neweirdo, demolished all buildings in Havana, and left for the United States where he promptly got banned.

That0neweirdo had an uneventful reign, slowly building and expanding Cuba. In the end, that0neweirdo's reign was ended like BamBam's, with a ban. Ownership of Cuba was briefly transfered to mrg00se, who then was scammed by lunlun for 300g.

Upon gaining control of Cuba, it soon became a colony of Niger (where lunlun had originally been from). Lun primarily used Cuba as a base to commit various terrorist acts, as opportunities for actual expansion were limited. Notably lunlun made the first discord server for Cuba and posted links to it in his personal discord. Though lunlun himself was never banned, he did sell off Cuba once his friend Unbated was unbanned.

Ju2 funded and led a series of attempts to acquire land from neighbouring West Caribbea. In that time, a player known as FishyCalls joined Cuba from the discord invite link that lunlun sent on his personal discord. Cuba under Ju2 gained independence from Germany, and promptly lost it again in a war against West Caribbea and Germany. After losing a second war and gaining independence from Germany, Ju2 handed Cuba over to FishyCalls who eventually sold the nation to Antlex.

Antlex History: The Golden Age

The Rise Of Antlex

Since the rise of Antlex, Cuba has gone through massive development, later aided by the Prime Ministers, which as the time of writing makes it the 10th largest nation in EMC.

Brief History

Early Days and Creation

Nueva Gerona was created December 17th, 2019 on Isla de la Juventud. By Feburuary 5th, 2020, Antlex made the nation of West Caribbea. After claiming the rather small island, Antlex began to claim up north on mainland Cuba. Around this time, Del Ross was created, initially named Vytsky City. The name referring to the mayor's old town on their banned account called Vyatskyburg. Vytsky City joined West Caribbea. At this time Cuba was a separate nation and owned by FishyCalls. Sometime in April the town of Del Ross seceded leading to the worst war in Cuba's history. Three major griefs were made on Antlex' town and nation, but by the third grief, the Del Ross gang was IP-banned. In late May, Del Ross finally fell, and Antlex claimed the rest of west Cuba.

True Cuba

MarxTheFox, a former Prime Minister of Cuba, owned the town of PP, in modern day Santa Clara. He planned on creating a nation but it never came to fruition. Leon4Realz7, owned the nation of Pilon, in modern day Bayamo. At this time West Caribbea only claimed western Cuba, some islands including Inagua Island, and significant land in Central America. FishyCalls, the owner of Cuba, encouraged diplomacy helping create formal borders for these nations. The nation of Cuba bordered West Caribbea, and PP claimed land stretching from Cuba to the Ice Road that goes to Bayamo. Pilon claimed the rest of Southern Cuba except for land that was given to Haiti. Antlex bought the nation of Cuba, renaming West Caribbea to Cuba, and his town from Nueva Gerona to Havana. The original Havana was renamed to East Havana and given to Antlex' friend, _Tikki. Eventually PP collapsed and Cuba claimed the entire region that PP claimed. Similarly Pilon collapsed and Haiti claimed the region that Pilon claimed. This left Cuba and Haiti bordering each other on the Bayamo ice road.

Control of the entire Caribbean

After much thought Haiti, and East Caribbea merged with Cuba creating a dual emperor nation between Antlex and Benny. Puschel, the Haitian Prime Minister was now the 2nd Cuban Prince, after Tikki. After this Cuba bought New Granada from Poland and gave it to Scrabs. Later Cuba negotiated with Venezuela to claim a massive region in north South America. Cuba owned much of Central America before the merge, but after the merge, the size and power of Cuba cemented its ownership of Central America.


32Fruit bought Everglades before the Merge, and continuously expanded it, and renamed it to Miami. Later after the merge, the massive town, and now a nation, joined Cuba as a province. Giving Cuba increasing control of Florida. Eventually a war broke out between Cuba and Orlando, Cuba won the war and successfully bought Orlando from Louisiana. During this time a prominent but controversial figure in Cuba, called Cyber, got scammed for Orlando, and quit EMC.

Orlando/West Florida War


Yucatan War


Post-Antlex History [WIP]

Friday, the 21st of May, 2021, Antlex resigned from Emperor, and quit EMC. This came after several months of a lot of inactivity from Antlex, roughly beginning in Feburary.

New Beginnings

- meritocracy

- assimilation

Mainland Cuba Assimilation

Under new rule, things began to change. Emperor Benny, with no land left to claim in Hispaniola made the idea to buy Guantamano and claim southern Cuba. This set the new precedence that towns could be bought and merged allowing for new borders unlike under Antlex. Superior later got permission from Benny to purchase Baracoa, nearly doubling the size of his town.

New Bayamo

While Superior claimed his new territory in accordance with his border agreement with Benny, Benny was a bit slow. This allowed Argues to make the town of Bayamo in Benny's claims. We saw it happen and immediately tried to negotiate. We offered to pay for his relocation. Then he said had to go, while he was 'gone' he claimed over 3 dozen chunks escalating the problem massively. Superior then claimed the rest of the area that Benny had failed to claim only as a temporary measure so that Argues could claim no more.

Increased Inactivity



Current Politics (June 2021 - Now)

Following antlex' resignation, the Cuba government abandoned democracy. The voters were inactive players who could not vote with the full context of EMC's complexities. The Cuban government switched to a meritocracy, whereby one can advance their position by SET: Skill, Experience, Trust.

Government Structure
Role IGN Appointed
Emperor _Beanyy







SuperiorGIitch resigned from advisor position on June 23rd, 2021, due to controversies in Foreign Affairs. Mostly due to SuperiorGIitch having leaked a conversation between him and Cencius in which Cencius calls him 3 slurs after Superior asked for proof regarding a border claim. Superior was promoted back to Royal Advisor some time after rejoining the Cuban discord. SuperiorGIitch resigned again from royal advisor position on November 17th, 2021, due to extreme toxicity and xenophobia.

Past Politics (October 2020 - May 2021)

Prime Ministers of Cuba
Election Prime Minister Photo Deputy PM Win




Opponents Eliminated.
October NaranciasGhirga Narancias Ghirga.png SuperiorGlitch 57% n/a Pooschel


November MarxTheFox Marx The Fox.png Pooschel 73% Zadark_



December NaranciasGhirga Narancias Ghirga full.png SuperiorGlitch 55% Mememanthegoat
January NaranciasGhirga Puschel 52% Pooschel


February SuperiorGIitch Superior GIitch full.png RollinsLiverPool 52% 33 Mememanthegoat


March SuperiorGIitch 32Fruit 52% 45 MarxTheFox


April RollinsLiverPool Rollins Liver Pool.png 32Fruit 71% 28 Pooschel
May Ukasso Ukasso.png SuperiorGlitch 73% 21 GameLinkLP


Prime Minister Amount Funded Base Check
NaranciasGhirga 300 gold* n/a
MarxTheFox 140 gold 48 gold
SuperiorGIitch 1300 gold 64 gold
RollinsLiverPool 160 gold 32 gold
Ukasso 0 gold

*unverifiable claims

Election Facts

  1. Pooschel has ran the most times of any candidate (5)
  2. Of the 8 people who have lost 1 of the 8 elections, 3 (37.5%) left the Cuba discord for an extended period of time afterwards (MarxTheFox, Slushous, TheRealScrabs)
  3. Superior has served the two shortest terms of any Prime Minister (29, and 26 days respectively)
  4. Superior has been the most controversial Prime Minister.

Election Controversies

A common strategy that has had mild controversy which was used in the first third and sixth election, is for the less popular of the two losing candidates to drop out and leave a custom message endorsing the second place candidate in #prime-minister-voting. Doing so usually resulted in the candidate who dropped out becoming the deputy prime minister of the candidate they endorsed. Often times it caused the endorsed candidate to take first and win the election. Sometime between the 7th and 8th administration, Antlex wrote a new rule that candidates can only drop out before voting begins, thus resolving this controversy.

Those endorsement messages include, in order of oldest to newest, are:

If you voted for me. I highly encourage you to vote for narancia. Narancia is very competent and I will be his dept PM. Please make the right decision and don’t vote for puppet puschel.

- SuperiorGlitch in the first Cuban election, 30/09/2020

To all of my voters: I would suggest you to vote for narancia since we have common goals and are now one basically. If you vote for Slushous you will not recive Premium, its bribing he said he will give me a 50$ amazon gift card, i recived nothing

- Puschel in the third Cuban election, 05/01/2021

My supporters, vote for Puschel because I’m definitely not winning this so I advice you to vote for Puschel because currently hes tied with Superior and we have similar policies aswell so yeah vote for my homie. MarxTheFox (also subscribe I need 100 subs)

- MarxTheFox in the third Cuban election, 02/03/2021

Election 6

The sixth Cuban election was for sure the most controversial election due to it being an extremely close election. Initially Puschel took the lead, with Superior not far behind. Eighteen hours into the election Marx drops out due to very low voter count and endorses Puschel. His voters never voted again in this election. Puschel takes back the lead on the morning of the day the election ends, but hours before the election ended Superior took lead. With a two point lead and three minutes until voting ends, Superior was feeling confident, until that is, his Deputy Prime Minister, voted for Puschel, placing the election at a tie. Rollin's explained "I wanna see what happens in a tie", Superior responded with "no no its a coin flip" and "please rollins dont do this". Rollins expressed doubt to the claim if the election came to a tie it would come down to a coin flip. Understandably Superior was upset that his two days of campaigning had gone to waste because his Deputy Prime Minister "backstabbed" him.

In all honesty I am really upset with your actions I was really excited to serve another term with you

- Superior to Rollins, seven minutes after the election ending

Afterwards it began to be decided what should be done. Nobody felt happy with the idea the election would be decided with a coin flip or wheel spin, so several solutions were proposed:

  • The senate or judge votes for the next prime minister
  • Have a revote occur
  • Extend voting
  • Chess game or PVP

Puschel advocated for a revote while Superior advocated for extending voting for a day, this is for obvious reasons. Assuming Rollins corrected his impulsive choice, a revote would level the playing field while extending voting wouldn't. Superior argued a revote would annoy voters, because it would require many more pings, as well as, the proposed voting would last for twenty four hours, which due to the time it would start and end at would place Superior, and American (the continent not country) voters would be placed at a disadvantage with less voting time. In the end a voting extension occurred, and Superior pulled ahead garnering a two vote lead before voting ended. Puschel accidently gave Citizen role to an old player who voted for Superior.


Town Location Founded DD-MM-YYYY Area Mayor Town Number
Havana Cuba 17 December 2019 560 Antlex 1
Santa Clara Cuba 2 June 2020 294 NaranciasGhirga 2
Sancti Spiritus Cuba 7 September 2020 700 SuperiorGIitch 3
England Hispaniola 7 February 2020 925 _Beanyy 4
StDomingo Hispaniola 31 October 2019 471 Pierronus 5
Virgin Islands East Antilles 12 February 2021 21 _Dinoxandre_ 6
Antilles East Antilles 7 December 2020 89 PrincessKateyUK 7
Bahamas Caribbean Sea 8 February 2020 196 ananqs 8
Crooked Islands Caribbean Sea 19 December 2020 54 Knifery 9
Bermuda Triangle Atlantic Ocean 22 March 2020 148 guestex 10
Miami Florida 19 April 2019 479 32Fruit 11
Alachua Florida 21 June 2021 10 Warlockqq 12
Jacksonville (depsuted) Florida 1 February 2022 12 Schober_Gaming 13
Orlando (desputed) Florida 17 June 2021 204 Krafff 14
West Palm Beach (desputed) Florida 21 September 2019 126 julia__bieber 15
Aquapolis Yucatan, Mexico 22 December 2020 252 tobsie_ 16
El Paraiso Yucatan, Mexico 21 May 2021 64 XBoyDenil 17
Avalon Yucatan, Mexico 12 June 2021 71 xBeltira 18
West Berlin Costa Rica 5 November 2021 100 jkrmnj 19
San Juan Del Sur Costa Rica 14 July 2021 95 KevDad04 20
bob Costa Rica 8 November 2021 19 RazYeahYeah 21
Commune of Tikal (deputed) Guatemala 19 June 2019 203 TheOrbsIsHere 22
Port Belize Guatemala 19 December 2021 4 KiwiFinance 23
Guatemala City Guatemala 20 February 2022 1 Docktn 24
Sci-City Honduras 24 February 2021 156 GameLinkLP 25
Managua Nicaragua 20 January 2021 34 _RichardNixon_ 26
SJDSE Nicaragua 17 January 2022 71 lasershark9000 27
Pearl Lagoon Nicaragua 23 January 2022 26 imperatorflaig 28
Panama City Panama 1 November 2018 362 RunnerBoy72000 29
Monteria Colombia 16 January 2020 940 IceFrosti 30
Samuratown Colombia 24 February 2021 107 Samura_ 31
Greece Venezuela 28 July 2019 284 RollinsLiverpool 32
Miranda Venezuela 1 August 2021 156 EspectroAutista 33

Updated 2/23/2022

Town number is organized by region, starting with the Antilles from left to right (west to east) (e.g. Cuba to Hispaniola to Puerto Rico, etc), then Florida, then Yucatan, Mexico, then Yucatan, Belize, then all the countries in Central America in alphabetical order, then all countries in South America in alphabetical order. Then organize those regions by placing significant regions first (e.g. Havana, England, Monteria). Then organize the rest from left to right, top to bottom (as how English speakers read) on the dynmap.