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The idea of Cumminism was founded by GPM_Marcus, a resident of Frederiction, Acadia. First drafted up on 20th of June 2021, the ideology was soon developed to be a working political party within the Acadian Political Party System. Despite multiple limitations such as a slow computer, GPM_Marcus managed to create a fully functional party.

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The CPA faced a humiliating defeat during the 1st Acadian Chancellorship Election despite having the most members due to a flawed election system. GPM_Marcus has stated that his ways were a mistake and that he wants to change Cumminism to adapt to the modern minecraft world. An ancient Chinese proverb was used by GPM_Marcus:

Official CPA logo

"Failure is the mother of success."

He states that despite his defeat in the election, the CPA does not back down. "We can learn from our failures to better improve ourselves for the future. Acadia is destined to be Cumminist. Glory to L’Acadie*!"

*L'Acadie is french for Acadia

He also states the reason for his loss:

"The Acadian government has forbidden the people to vote, instead they use the high elite members of Acadia to vote. I appeal to the people, not the government. The Cumminist Party of Acadia relies on the proletariat, the working class of common folk."


Cumminism adopts Pissist. We also believe that cum is a holy object and shall not be ingested in any way, shape or form. Cumminists don't try to destroy the other ideologies but we believe that they will succumb to their own flaws and soon end up with true Cumminism.

The CPA and the Cumminist Manifesto

Premier is not the ruler of Acadia but will be given a seat on the Acadian National Meeting. The Cumminist Senate will be voting and anyone can apply to be a part of it! DM me to be in the Senate of Cumminism! The Director of State will be hand picked by the Premier from the Senate, Executive Officers and Party Members! Join now to be a part of the future of Acadia. This is the discord link:

The Cumminist Manifesto

A spectre is haunting EarthMC—the spectre of Cumminism. All the Powers of EarthMC have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: The Pissists and Cockservatives, Nationalpiss and Democraps.

Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as Cumministic by its opponents in power?

Where is the Opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of Cumminists, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries?

Two things result from this fact.

l. Cumminism is already acknowledged by all EarthMC Powers to be itself a Power.

ll. It is high time that Cumminists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Cumminism with a Manifesto of the party itself. To this end, Cumminists of various nationalities have assembled in Saint John, and sketched the following Manifesto, to be published in the English, French, Avalonese, Quebecese, German, Italian, Flemish and Danish languages.

The 21st century crapitalists and cockservatives are doomed to be overthrown by our revolutionaries, giving birth to the era of Cumminism. We will abolish the crapitalist lie of private belongings. We will bring fourth a world that belongs to the cumminists. Everyone is equal and the proletariat will become the ruling class. Cumminists of our world, unite.

Alternate CPA Symbols

Senate Logo for CPA

The Cumminist Party of Acadia(CPA) has a senate. It is used to maintain a fair and uncorrupt government in case the Greater Premier is corrupted. The Senate has the rights to impeach the Premier if they have the grounds to do so.

Hierarchy of CPA

1: Greater Premier (The Great Leader of our Party)

2: Founder (Our first member and leader)

3: Chancellor Candidate (Running for Chancellor)

4: Director of State (Elected yearly through elections within the Cumminist Senate)

5: Agents of CUM (Cumminist Underground Ministry, a secret operative agency to secure Acadian National Security)

6: Executive Officers (Supreme Senate Members)

7: Senate Members (Votes on decisions)

8: Cumminist Propagandists (Spreads TRUE propaganda for Acadia and Cumminism)

9: Party Members (Basic Party Members)

10: EMC Players (The CPN values all EMC players)

11: Opposing Party Members (other parties sux)


The Cumminist Party of Acadia was founded by GPM_Marcus. in an effort to push Acadia to greatness. The party ran for Chancellorship of Acadia to begin its forward-thinking ideals and plans for a greater Acadia. But, he was defeated by the joint effort of the Acadian Prosperity arty and the National Cockservative Party of Acadia. Soon later, GPM_Marcus realised that he must appeal to the wider public if he was to win an election. He officially announced his renaming of his party from the Cumminist Party of Acadia to the Cumminist Pissists of Acadia. He was a pure pissist and venerated the religion, enough to wish for it to become more than a religion: an entire political party based on Pissist ideals.