History of Cyprigo

  • Late June: Cyprigo join EarthMC, it still does not have a "queue priority" rank. He is looking for a city and is recruited in the city of Hénin-Beaumont (France)
  • Month of July: Cyprigo is kicked from the city of Henin-Beaumont for inactivity.
  • 20 July 2019: Cyprigo is contacted by Discord by Scorpio (recruiter of FuzeCity) and is recruited in FuzeCity, at that time he won the rank of priority.
  • 31 July 2019: Cyprigo bought its first plot for the price of 175 golds in the FuzeCity (Queensland).
  • Currently: Cyprigo is a player of EarthMC in FuzeCity and is very active in game.

Cyprigo's Statistics

Break Place Use Other
Sugar Cane 29 000 1 300 x x
Dirt 25 000 29 000 x x
Melon 5 000 4 x x
Stone 17 000 1 000 x x
Pickaxe 2 x 33 000 x
Shovel 10 x 28 000 x
Jumps x x x 35 000
Death x x x 19
Playing Time x x x 35 hours

Cyprigo Projects

1 / Cyprigo plans to create a skyscraper in the FuzeCity on his plot that he bought at 175 golds. Currently he made a small house but that will change soon. The skyscraper will be built on an ecological theme!


Cyprigo House

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