History of Czechoslovakian Armed Forces

C.A.F was founded by Lasthonour, Mayor of Chlebmiasto, on June 11th 2019, when Silesia was renamed to Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakian Armed Forces

C.A.F Soldiers are mostly conscripts with few veterans, making the force weak. C.A.F suffers from equipment and manpower shortages, as Czechoslovakia struggles to supply the army. The force currently has only one leader, Lasthonour, who is the supreme general of C.A.F.

History of C.A.F

June 16/06/2019

C.A.F was founded by Lasthonour, realising Czechoslovakia needed a standing army after the defeat at the battle of Budapest and Chlebmiasto.

June 26/06/2019

Lasthonour unofficially names himself Supreme General of C.A.F.

June 27/06/2019

Lasthonour's title of Supreme General was made official.

July 11/7/2019

Lasthonour changes Czechoslovakia's military doctrine.

July 17-18/7/2019

C.A.F recieves its first soldiers.

C.A.F Ranks

  • Soldier - Fights for the country.
  • Officer - Commands a company made up of of soldiers.
  • Commander - Commands a division made up of several officers and their troops.
  • General - Commands an army made up of Commanders, Officers and soldiers.
  • Supreme General - Commands everybody.

C.A.F Officers

C.A.F Commanders

  • AttackUtter - In charge of 1st Infantry Division

C.A.F Generals

C.A.F Supreme Generals

  • LastHonour

C.A.F Armies

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