Dabs_All_OvarYT is an active player and small youtuber on EarthMC. He owns the town of Pee_Pee_Island, is heir to the Avalonese throne and is leader of the Wai Tee clan.


On March 10th, 2019 Dabs_All_OvarYT joined the server and spawned in the ocean a few hundred blocks north of northwestern Australia. He found the server through the original trailer blowing up in views and wanted to see what everythign was about. Pee Pee island was a hot meme at the time so he wanted to settle there. So he began the long 2-hour boat ride to Newfoundland. Making a pit stop in South Africa while he was at it. After he arrived, he couldn't quite settle Pee Pee island where it was located in real life due to a small town being within 300 blocks of where he planned to settle, so he went south until he could. He began work on a temporary home as he build the mainland slowly. After figuring out how to vote and a few attacks from Bactria griefers, he finally got enough gold to establish the town. And he built a monument to commemorate that. Later in the week, rumors spread about ibxtoycat, a popular minecraft youtuber making a video on the server. These rumors turned out to be true and on his way to New York, Toycat made a pit stop at pee_pee_island to see the place. A link to pee_pee_island's official discord got in the video, and so did the monument. To this day he regards this as his greatest accomplishment on EarthMC. Today his town is prospering greatly and developing very well.

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