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Position and History

A Central European Nation, the Dacian Empire(DE) is a 2 town nation that withered into obscurity after several coups, wars and name changes(Czechoslovakia-Greater Moravian Empire-Czechoslovakia-Dacian Empire; all in order) mainly caused to the decreasing population and lack of ambitions outside of war.


The Dacian Empire being a warring nation lacks many of the importances other nations have, namely a stable infrastructure, housing, farms, and generally, allies; it doesn't have much in the way of diplomacy besides of a few trade agreements and a "Trade City" protocol where the capital "Animeland" (named after a former 512x512 pixel art of an anime girl flashing her tits placed above the city) is open for warping to everyone.

Reasons for inactivity/potential death

Several misfortunes have happened since the summer of last year, namely the increase in population on the server, making connecting extremely hard for the largely European population, the several coups, constant wars and lack of roads connecting the cities which then escalated to bombings (an incident inside of the capital on ~12th of feb) and villager killings (mending being one of the biggest exports, free trade with the villagers being conducted inside of a specified building). As those events unfolded, city after city fell the most notable being: Kosice(gained from the Polish-Moravian war), Brno, Nitra, Vienna(owned for a slight amount of time before dissolution) and Plznen. Due to the constant stress of upkeeping the town, Zebbs left the server along with his 2000 gold stash around March 2019; only coming in for bimonthly checkups to not lose the lands.

Current Cities and Residents

As it is right now only 2 cities and 2 people live inside of the land Zebbs and RainsinSmuggler in Animeland and Presporok respectively.

Currently there are talks of selling them off to the highest bidder and forming a new nation in the north of Ireland.

History and Wars

Battle of Ram_Ranch protecting the Austro-Hungarian Empire:

Great Balkan War

In February of 2019, The Great Balkan War broke out, three battles took place near or in Constantinople mainly conducted by Romania, Austria-Hungary, and the Great Moravian Empire. Nations that defended Constantinople were Byzantium, Brazil, Tunisia, Denmark, Norge, and Siam. Byzantium and their allies won the first battle driving the enemy forces from Constantinople. The second battle was in the same area and was a defeat for the Byzantine's and their allies as their was massive losses on their side and ended up retreating. (taken from the Constantinople wiki)

Scottish independence Wars, Coups

Polish-Moravian War