Daneborg is a nation on the eastern coast of Greenland. It consists (currently) of two small towns, though plans to expand are being executed. Principles and Social Structure The nation adheres to medieval feudalism while maintaining a form of democracy. While some nation members hold higher titles than others, the main idea is to promote free thinking amongst all citizens regardless of social standing. Daneborg prides itself on absolutely free speech; anyone within the nation of Daneborg may say whatever they want about whoever they want without facing any punishment (within server rules). Officially, Daneborg is a constitutional monarchy.

As for Social Structure, any citizen of Daneborg who accomplishes an impressive feat works to further the nation's prosperity or is simply awarded the right is recognised by the ruling monarch and allowed to found their very own House. The eventual plan is to have at least a dozen houses governing their own provinces within Daneborg and creating mini-dynasties within the Empire.

Nobility and Historical Figures

The nation of Daneborg was founded by myamdane.

Daneborgish Emperors and Patriarchs of House Starken

  • Dane I (Late 2019 - 14th April 2020)
  • Ragnar I (14th April 2020 - Still Ruling)

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