Danvin9 was one of the first players to play on earthmc classic, his interactions with Fix are immortalized in #Earthmc-classic


Danvin9 first joined in 2016 only weeks after the release. He was a quite.... curious person and asked many questions that the staff happily answered. Danvins history is however not complete as many of those that played at that time has forgotten details.


The last time danvin joined was in 2017-05-03. His time was short, leaving only minutes after, probably scared by ewanthehero's japanese: "私はフランス語を話す".

Final message

Danvin's last message was strange. He had typed "./resident SMURFAO" indicating that SMURFAO could have played a part in his disappearance.

Conspiracy theories

Popular theorists argue that Danvin9 was never real. He was only a schizophrenic projection made up by Fix to maintain his mental health from handling the early stages of unpopularity. Danvin9 clearly shows signs of always asking for help, a way for Fix to satisfy his maternal needs. Famous psychologists such as #supporter-chat argues for this theory

"I remember danvin's spirit, as earthmc kept growing it seemed like he stopped talking: most likely as Fix's ego grew" - Wextramc
Another theory argues that Danvin was used and controlled by Fix to further his secret world order meetings. The hiring of danvin to serve as "an innocent normal child" was only a front to allow the bourgeoisie to develop their plans. However when danvin attempted to whistleblow and change his nickname to DDM1111 it was quickly stopped and danvin lost his life in the Incan Empire (then known as Bolivia)



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