NOTE: _Genervter_ changed his name to BaumOderSo

Dasko is a Settlement on the Antarctic continent. It was founded on 18th December 2019 by _Genervter_. Dasko belongs to the de jure-Nation of KAPSK (german: Kommunistisch-Antarktisch-Pazifisch-Sovietkolonie, translated: Communist-Antarctic-Pacific-Sovietcolony).


Early History (18th December 2019 - Present)

On 17th December 2019 _Genervter_ arrived in Antarctica and became resident of Mossow. A day later he created the town of Dasko near Mossow. On 19th December 2019 DiamantAxt9494 built a railroad to Dasko with stops in:

  • Mossow Central
  • Mossow Süd
  • Dasko Ost
  • Dasko Central
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