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Date Clan

Date Clan Flag
Coat of Arms
Date Clan Mon
National Information
Full Name 伊達氏
The Date Clan
National Anthem
Name in Towny Date
/n list page
Capital City Sendai
Largest City Sendai
Oldest City Owari
Established 27th June 2020
Disbanded Around September 1st, 2020
Government Information
Leader KawadaJP
Prime Minister
Political System Monarchy
Economic System
Official Language Japanese & English
Official Religion Shinto & Buddhism
Army Size
Dominions Borneo
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Date, officially the Date clan (伊達氏) is a nation that occupies the Eastern region of Asia and specifically Japan, Korea and Eastern Russia. Date was founded on the 27th of June 2020 by KawadaJP and used to be called Imperial Japan until the nation was renamed to Date a few weeks later.


Date borders the other nations on the Japanese Islands such as Shimazu, Hokkaido and the Japan clan. The furthest West location of the Date is the town of LiaoYang (Former capital of Qing) in Manchuria. The furthest East is the town of Chishima which lies on the Northern Kuril Islands. The furthest North is the town of Shiro which is in the Khabarovsk Krai region of Far Eastern Russia. The furthest South of the nation is shared between the towns of Yamaguchi and Oshima.


The Date is governed by the Emperor along with structured support from the Shogun and Prime Minister. The Shogun acts as de-facto leader when the Emperor is not available. As part of the Democracy reforms, a Prime Minister is elected each month by the citizens of the nation. Prime Ministers are allowed to have two consecutive terms. In the past the Date had different Governors for far away Colonies such as Vietnam and Borneo.

The Imperial Family

  • Kawadahead.png KawadaJP - Emperor
  • Jpepi.png J_Pepi - Crown Prince (Son)
  • 256(2).png Wolvercrafte - Prince (Son)


  • 256(3).png7Fen (FenZenYatta) - Shogun

Current Prime Minister and Government

  • 256(4).png Lord__Troll - Prime Minister
  • 256(5).png mR_NeF - Minister of Internal Affairs
  • 256(6).png Ju2nananas - Minister of Recruitment
  • 256(7).png Prime_Logos - Minister of Defense
  • 256(8).png Taima_ - Minister of Infrastructure