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Kingdom of Denmark
Denmark Royal Flag.png
Coat of Arms
Royal coat of arms of Denmark.svg.png
Danish territory.png
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Denmark
National Anthem
Der er et yndigt land (unofficial)
Name in Towny Denmark
Motto "Guds hjaelp, Folkets kaerlighed, Danmarks styrke"
(Gods help, love of the people, Denmarks strength)
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 1
Chunks Land .png 20~
/n list page 20~
Capital City Scania CoA.gif Skaane
Largest City Skaane
Oldest City Skaane
Established Nov 6, 2018
Disbanded N/A
Government Information
Leader Chieftain WouterRookt
Prime Minister
Political System Crown.png Absolute Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Free Market Capitalist
Official Language Danemark drapeau.png Danish

Englishflag.jpg English

Polish flag.png Polish (minority)

Drapeau germanophonie.jpg German (minority)

CN.gif Chinese (minority)

Drapeau turquie.png Turkish (minority)

Official Religion Secular
Army Size BARMY.png unknown

"Fordi noget er værd at kæmpe for"
(Because something is worth fighting for)

Dominions None
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders alek_b (first time)
Past Capitals Odense (Original Plan under 2014delta)

About Denmark

Denmark is a nation located in Scandinavia on EarthMC. The nation is ruled by alek_b, a respectable Veteran who is known for being the McMMO lord of EMC.

The nation was founded on the 6th November 2018, and has been known for its god-armor shop, called “Denmarket”

Early History

Denmark was founded by a council of five players, consisting of alek_b, Expadax, 4noah18, doriendragon, and Wildcat_Pvpz (with more joining later). This group was called The Copenhagen Council. Four out of the five, excluding Wildcat_Pvpz, were long time players of Classic EarthMC, and had excessive experience in most fields. The nation had been planned for Terranova months in advance.

There was another group of players who also intended on creating a nation in Denmark. The council made a decision to join the alternate group, which planned to select Odense as the capital, while making 2014delta king. The council merged with two new players from the other group, Fen_b and Dannie_b.

Denmark's capital and first town, Copenhagen, was created on the first day of Terra Nova's release, by 4noah18 and Wildcat_Pvpz. Ownership of the town was later transferred to alek_b shortly after.

After the release of Terra Nova, 2014delta turned out to be an inactive player, which made his chancellor, fen_b, support alek_b for the throne. Heavy internal discussions followed and the nationless danish citizens chose alek_b as their new king. The Danish nation was created on the 6th November, being the first nation in Scandinavia.

The Copenhagen Council eventually gained seven members, where it stood in early 2019. The members were alek_b, Expadax, 4noah18, dorien_b, dannie_b, Wildcat_Pvpz, and fen_b.


Swedish-Danish Conflict

Denmark, had claimed a part of Scania with it's capital, Copenhagen. The town of Malmoe and Sweden did not like this, and this sparked conflict over it. Then Malmoe proceeded to claimblock, which was reported after and removed. Both nations had sour relations for a long time because of this, and they never recovered to date. Unknown if any battles occured due to this, however, multiple times in the Danish discord it was mentioned "i killed a swede" or "Wanna go kill swedes?".

Rebels and Heide

In January 2019, the town of Heide requested home rule and some autonomy for western Denmark (Jutland/Jylland). The talks continued for a while, and eventually they somewhat agreed. The town of Thisted, was growing very fast, it hit 21 residents and grew quickly. The town's mayor, Boris_Johnson, eventually decided to rebel (presumably out of boredom). After this, the mayor started to kill all his residents, and looted all of them. However, two Loyalists in the town started to fight back, called for British help. This started the Battle of Thisted, which, after occuring, secured a loyalist victory.

War with Kaiserreich

On the 20th March 2019, fen_b created the town of Hamburg and expanded it rapidly. It was made to strengthen Denmark's grip on the Holstein region, which wasn't appreciated by Kaiserreich. War was declared by both sides, and continued on for a week, until both sides agreed to a treaty. The Treaty of Kiel.

The war was seen as a success in Denmark.

War of The coalition of Four Nations

In late march, the town of Bornholm, a rightfully danish town, joined the nation of Intermarium. Many other polish towns followed. In response, Denmark declared war, and created a coalition. Many nations joined, and many plans were made. Intermarium however, had a very inactive playerbase. All raids usually ended up with the intermarium citizens camping in claims.

During this time, Poland was getting weaker and weaker because people betrayed it by joining Intermarium. Because of that, the nation was sold to Denmark.

Denmark had won two decisive battles, Battle of Wroclaw, and Siege of Wroclaw.

The war ended on the 8th April 2019, after a chancellor in Intermarium (dymoslaw) kicked all the towns out of the nation.

War with Poland

The war has begun when the polish king POGKPP violated the agreements with danish king alek_b about the borders of his nation inviting majority of polish while the agreement including the "allowed sphere" where the nation of Poland could invite towns. Every single sign of conflict such as battles etc. has ended with dominant victory of danish side, poles during the war mainly limited themselves to sit in claims and going out of them for 10~ seconds in order to hit the enemy soldier.

Denmark had two decisive battles that they won, Siege of Tarnopol, and Battle of Mazovia. These two battles affirmed Denmarks position as the dominant military power, and these battles greatly decreased Polands power and influence.

In the end, Denmark got a de facto victory, as it dominated all battles and managed to decrease Poland's influence for the long run. Sadly however Denmark began to decline after this, not due to the war itself, but because of this Poland got what they wanted in the region.

See Danish-Polish War

The hibernation of Denmark (April 2019 to September 2020)

With the weakening forces of Poland and Intermarium pushing them to claim hide all the time including slow decline of Europe, all of the Danish government decided on moving to Japan, some of them created a new town on island of Shikoku called Shikara, and 2, Snowyy and fen moved on creating the new capital of Imperial_Japan.

The Return of Denmark

After most members went on a nearly 1.5 year hiatus, they came back. alek_b, Expadax, Wildcat_Pvpz, and 4noah18 became active again. This also sparked the Danish unification. German cabinet member and past king of Dania 32Lego decided to make Kongsmark join Denmark, and got the past Dania members; Esbjerg and Thisted to follow. Odense was made and also joined. Dybbol was bought and also joined. Alaburg and Hamburg are planned to be taken soon, once everything stabilizes.


After most of the mainland Danish towns were claimed, Oslo joined Denmark. After this, Asgardia, Bergen and Kristiansand also joined. However this was only temporary, as they did this to trick the Northern Five, which was succesful. They rejoined Britain later on, remaining on good terms with Denmark

Expansion into Sweden and Germany

While Sweden went inactive, Denmark ceased the oppurtunity and took Gothenburg. Not much response was there after this. One and a half weeks later, Tyskland was created in a large unclaimed part of Germany, between Berlin and Hamburg. There was immediate response by _Sidon_, Germany Kronprins. After this he asked why Denmark planted a town, and tensions were rising. During these tensions, Denmark captured another town in German Territory, however this town was in France the nation. The town was Wismar, located just south of Copenhagen.

Conflict with Malmo

The town of Malmo, led by Kornienko, suddenly claimed much of the southern Copenhagen harbour in mid October 2020. After this, a request was sent by Copenhagen to remove these chunks, the request was refused. A while after claiming these chunks, Kornienko built multiple boats in them, much to the dismay of Danish Citizens. After this, Maple_d sent a request, and was hit with a toxic reply. This stopped all contact between the towns, and they decided to wait it out. However, in late November 2020, Maple_d set out on another diplomatic mission, discussing a possible border and agreement with Malmo. Multiple borders were discussed, but to no avail. After this, Malmo proposed to take 150g for the 22 claimblock chunks. This proposal was refused, and Denmark decided to wait it out once more. After this, Maple_d met Kornienko in game, and got his outlaw status removed as a sign of peace. However, it was seen that the entrance in the gate between Malmo and Copenhagen was opened, and right behind this was a long pit with certain death if you fell down it. It is unclear whether Malmo intended this as a trap, however it is currently thought so, and the two towns continue sour relations.

Second Holstein War

Germany, as soon as Denmark was revived, has been in constant conflict with it. Both the towns laid claims over Hamburg, a once Danish town. Denmark and Germany both joked and insulted each other, without any pvp taking place. Denmark even established two towns in German territory, as a sign that Denmark controls Holstein region. These two towns were Tyskland and Wismar. The capture of these regions didn't bring much response from Germany. However on November 23rd, Germany retaliated with the town of Horsens, in the centre of Denmark. This town started conflict, also starting a small skirmish at Horsens with no deaths. The tensions continue to rise, as both sides continue to progress to attack each other. After this skirmish, Denmark officially declared war on Germany, however as in war, it was more of Denmark allowing any citizen to kill any German. After the announcement, a skirmish started at Copenhagen, which resulted in 0 deaths.


After the two skirmishes, no more took place. Germany was too claimed for any battles to take place, as no one was willing to leave their claims. However hostilities increases with Malmo, and soldiers began to, on a daily basis, invade and try to kill Malmo and its mayor.

For more info, see Second Holstein War

Population boom

Starting on December 7th, 2020, the nation started to have a drastic increase in population. This was due to the town of Slesvig massively recruiting members. Tyskland and Thisted got 7 of their own. One of Tyskland's residents went on to make a town in Sweden, Lodose. This further strengthened Denmarks grip over the disputed region. The town of Slesvig went on to recruit over 20 players, with the help of Maple_d. They got some active players from this, and the town went from /n list 6, to /n list 3. The nation has many active players now, and has a 140 chunk bonus with 60 population.

Holstein Advances

After this, the town of 'Frankmark' felt that Germany was dead, and wanted to join Denmark, after observing its recent activity and huge boost in population. This was also considered a great progress in The Second Holstein War, putting Denmark one step closer to gaining the lands of (Greater) Holstein.

Daily Recruiting

After hitting 60, the nation aimed for 100. Everyday, the naton gained around 10-15 players. And then the nation reach /n list 2, and passed its rival nation of Germany.

Conflict with Sweden

The nation of Sweden, had recently been revived in activity. THe nation planned to own all of Sweden, but due to Denmark owning most of it, they attempted a border agreement. After reaching none, they said they will plant towns in Danish Sweden, with Denmark saying they will plant more in Sweden. After this, Denmark planted 2 towns, with Sweden planting 1.

Treaty of Copenhagen

After said situation occured, the nations agreed to work on a treaty for the betterment of Scandinavia. Britain was also invlovled, due to holding territory in Scandinavia as well. In the end, Sweden got to keep its current territories, holding two exclaves in Danish territory, with Denmark holding two exclaves in Swedish Territory. All unclaimed land in Scandinavia went to Denmark, meaning this treaty was mostly a gain for Denmark in the end.

"Nordjylland" Conflict

The conflict of Nordjylland was a conflict over claims, between Denmark and its ally Britain.

Oslo Claims

The town of Oslo, claimed a lot of Northern Denmark when Alaburg fell. The Northern tip of Denmark was left empty, resulting in Maple_d reating Frederikshavn to halt Oslo's expansion. This led to a battle.

Battle of Frederikshavn

The town, soon after being created, was fully claimblocked by British town, Oslo. Maple d was not expanding fast enough, leaving Oslo free to claim. This quickly escalated to a large battle, resulting in a British Victory.

Escalations with Scania

Attack on Sjostad

After multiple internal discussions, 3 members of Denmark decided to go on an expedition to the capital of Gotaland, Sjostad. After realizing the mayor was not on anymore, they proceeded to build and greif north of the town. They were later warned, however they completed their plans.

Bombing of Blekinge

After this, the Danes wanted further attacks to demoralize the Scanians. A former resident of the town convinced the mayor to grant him 4 plots, along a large tower. The ownership of these plots was transfered to a local Dane who would proceed to bomb the plots. He gained attention from the former resident's friends, and had just poured water on what was the tower. A spectator encouraged the bomber to lavacast the tower. He came back with several buckets to use in the attack. This gained a great amount of attention from Scania, as Blekinge lost 3 valuable Bees, stated to be worth around 24 gold each. So this was considered a successful Danish attack.

However, later the bees were found not to be dead, and the damage was considerably less than previously thought. However this remained a succesful Danish attack.

Inactivity Problems

After the absence of King alek_b for more than a month, many players considered leaving for North America. However, they instead stayed in Europe, and joined neighbouring nations. Slesvig left, and a few more considered leaving.

Merging with Britain

All towns of Denmark decided to join Britain, and the Danish towns in Sweden and Norway decided to join the Swedish nation. A few months after, alek_b returned and let Copenhagen join Britain, and the nation is currently held in Skaane.


After Skanne was chosen to hold the nation, it existed for a few months before falling. The original Danish nation from 2018 no longer exists as a entity on the server.


Denmark is Monarchy With Council of Advisors and it's ruled by king alek_b and chancellors 4noah18, Wildcat_Pvpz, and snowy.


Chieftain - alek_b
Chancellors - noah_b, Wildcat_b, Expadax, Boosterr
Upper Council (including chancellors) - 32Lego and Maple_d


The nation has no organized army, however all active members have a god set and a Danish shield, which means they all de facto serve the army, putting it at around 10 members. According to these stats, Denmark has the highest concentration of God Armor players.

Instances of Deployment

The Army has been deployed multiple times in history, including raids on multiple towns. The army has had a very strong presence throughout the server, and has won nearly ever battle, and with most battles that were not won, being indecisive. (Pages linked for proof)

And many numerous other instances.

Border Conflicts

The nation of Denmark has been in many border conflicts throughout its history. These were mainly with Germany, and Poland and Sweden to a lesser extent.

A full comprehensive list can be found at List of border disputes of Denmark.


The nation, at its n spawn, has a market called "Denmarket". This used to be the main stop for all god gear in early 2019. However, right now it hosts 2 shops, that have items bought regularly. The nation of Denmark has immense buying power, with most citizens having above 100 gold. alek_b and his chancellors all have 1000 gold and above, with alek having 10 000.

Former Towns

Fallen/Left Towns

First Kingdom (Oct 2018 - Apr 2019)

Hamburg - fen_b
Stettin - snowyy_b
Heide - Unknown
Oslo - Magenent
Neu_Hamburg - Unknown
Odense (Old) - 2014delta
Rendsburg - Unknown
Rostock - Unknown
Grenaa - WorthyMeme
Mehringen - Syton
Tonder - Fjolnir05
Orsha - Unknown
Bayreuth - Unknown
Ringkoebing - Snoodlez_
Bialystok - Majoor_
FortYT - MKill
Thisted - BorisJohnson/Chubbybunny3047
Frederikshavn - zacha175

New Kingdom (Oct 2020 - Present)

Odense (new) - MeatballFreak420
Glesborg - Palouz
Frankmark - SpacemanNV
Kalmar - Sebandi2
Little_St._James - kureeem
Lofoten - Reddsmann
Vasteras - TheBuderMaster64
Mora - AchMine2k
Tyskland - ohMerxy
Gothenburg - Noaboat
Esbjerg - Sasakibe
Malung - Vagten
Ellesmere - vyncy
Bornholm - Gabson
Dybbol - Your_Leader
Sealand - Nonamex2
Vesterålen - TwitchPid
Nye-Thisted - ros1et0es
Lödöse - ChappyGreen
Wismar - Xenomiod
Thisted - henask
Copenhagen - alek_b
Skaane - WouterRookt

Foreign Relations


Good Relations



The nation of Denmark, due to having a small area of land, is generally walkable. Everytown is within 5-10 minutes of walking, and so the need of ice lines isn't required. The town of Bornholm, due to being a bit farther, is only accesible through boat. Using a boat will take you 5 minutes to get to Bornholm, however an ice road is planned to further reduce this time.


The land of Denmark, is relatively flat. The nation is home to flat plains, with a few scattered hills. It is all grass, with no sign of sand or snow. The largest "mountains", are situated in Dybbol, with a hiehgt of 6-8 blocks. Before the terraforming of Copenhagen, the town had a hill which had a height of around 12-14 blocks.

Due to being flat, towns have an easy time building, however this also restricts certain builds that are for hills and snow.

Notable People


The Mayor of Copenhagen and King of Denmark. Known for his patience in grinding McMMO levels. He is the first person to make a Haste 2 potion on Terra Nova and he has the 2nd place on /mctop.


A well known member in the nation, also well known for his skills in pvp. He is also a chancellor in the nation and friends with all the _b's.


Although not as old as the other original members of the nation. Wildcat_Pvpz has been the mastermind behind a lot of the planning within Copenhagen and when it comes to buildings and structures, he is the man. He has been behind creating many of the buildings, along the assistance of 4noah18, within the town itself.


Little is known about this member, his personality and how he got to be a Councilor. Some rumors say "Everything is planned and though about by himself, as he's a living machine that leaves nothing by chance". A wild card in Copenhagen's team that has the same willpower as alek_b about grinding, and the same stubborness as 4noah18 about people that aren't related. If he doesn't know you, don't take it personal that he doesn't trust you not even a bit.

2000px-Royal Standard of Denmark.svg.png The Danish Empire 2000px-Royal Standard of Denmark.svg.png
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