The 8th Province of Cascadia, Deseret, was founded under the pretense of joining the mega-nation Cascadia.


Deseret goes back over 100 years, back to the era of Manifest Destiny. People of the Mormon Faith were persecuted after the general public learned about the ways of their faith, namely polygamy. They moved from New York to Illinois, and from there to what is now Utah. After many years of settling, the Mormons got in contact with the United States Government, and proposed a new state. This state was to contain portions of today's Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. This proposal was rejected almost immediately by the government, due to disagreements in lifestyles. The Mormons came back years later, in 1896, with a new proposal, Utah. This state was accepted, and now resides in the West United States. On July 12, 2019, the town of Argent breaks away from the Cascadian Province of California and forms the nation of Deseret. Two days later, on July 14, 2019, Cascadia officially recognizes Deseret as the 8th Province.

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