The Deutsches Heer (German Imperial Army) is the official armed forces of the German Empire. It's roles are to protect the German Empire and its interests by using ground, air, and naval forces. The army was formed sometime around the 21st July, 2019. Before that date, the military of the German Empire was not quite unified, and the only administrative office was the Reichsmacht. However, Kronprinz WilhemII (IGN: AurelianCraft), xWaazes, Dr_Biochemist, and Awers97 led a grand army reform and thus the Deutsches Heer was formed. The Deutsches Heer's functions and structures are basically the same as the in real life historical German Army of the German Empire, with army groups, regiments, and divisions. Currently in game, the Deutsches Heer has infantry divisions and cavalry divisions, also a small naval patrol force that protects the transport route from Europe to the German Colony of Greenland and Neuguinea. As of 27th July, 2019, there are 3 major army groups within the German Empire: The Brandenburg Army Group, consisting of soldiers from Neu_Berlin, Potsdam, and Dresden (even though its in Sachsen), the Bavarian Army (consisting of soldiers from Munich), and The Prussian Army (consisting of soldiers from Breslau, Bromberg, and Oberschlesien).

More Detail on the Army Groups

  • The Brandenburg Army: Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 01 under Kronprinz Wilhem von Brandenburg
  • Panzer Division Nr. 01 under Prinz xWaazes von Sachsen
  • Reserve-Infanterie Regiment Nr. 01 from Potsdam
  • The Prussian Army: Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 04 under Prinz Nick von Breslau
  • Bromberg Freikorps from Bromber
  • Feld-Artillerie Abteilung from Breslau
  • Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 05 from Oberschlesien


Before August all the citizens of the German Empire were required to be in the Volksarmee, which functions like a Freikorps then if they had a god gear and combat experience may apply for the Reichsmacht. Later the Volksarmee was disbanded and everyone is free to join the Reichsmacht of the Deutsches Heer.

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