Devuism is a religion based on the believing in goddess Devu as described in the statements of sphagette

Devuism can be lead back to May 2019. It is believed that the religion started because of the creation of the first monument in Toulouse, France. The monument was later recreated in Fucking, Deutschland however now is dismantled by prurpey whilst quiting.
Statue in Fucking


  • The religion was founded when Purpey and sphagette were each given a Sacrament - A shard of Devu's horn.
  • The first monument in Toulouse, France has been destroyed one day after its creation. 36 gold vanished in the process.
  • Devuism has been placed in the hands of a nation called vanuatu.


  • Toulouse, France (destroyed)
  • Fucking, Deutschland (dismantled)
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