Dhaka is a town in Bangladesh, connected to Chittagong. Dhaka was created by Chimera2000 who later changed his name to Knightof_Cydonia 5 days after he made the town. Dhaka has a train/metro station that connects to the neighboring towns around it. Dhaka was founded on the 27th of January 2020 and has had other residents such as roddsteel18 before he made Chittagong.


Outside of claims Dhaka has a slum built by 9R4 and two castle towers built by 9R4. There is also a nice bridge that starts 9R4 Parkway which leads to Chittagong.


Knightof_Cydonia left the town once he was scammed hundreds of gold by Enzo2400. He came back a couple days later and left it to roddsteel18, who left his town Chittagong to another active resident. roddsteel18 wanted to travel around and hop in and out of towns, so he did that. It was left to FantomGaming Who was an active player but has not come back. Hopefully the town survives.


The town is 14 chunks in size, and has one glitched chunk that appeared yesterday in the old Dhaka in ruins a couple of chunks outside the town.

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