Profile Information
Aliases DiaAxt, Diamant (mainly), DiamantAxt
Nation Flagge2 KAPSK
Town WappenMossow Mossow
Towny Rank Crown Count
Political Party CAP
Religion Catholic
Discord DiamantAxt9494
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 02.12.2019
Place of Spawn Kyrgysztan
Physical Information
Nationality German
Gender ♂ Male
Blood Type
Height 1,60 m
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Flagge2 KAPSK

DiamantAxt9494 (mostly known as 'Diamant') is the current Kaiser of KAPSK. He joined EMC on December 2nd, 2019. Joining the server almost daily, DiamantAxt is a really active player.


The will (2nd December 2019 - 3rd December)

Diamant joined the server on 2nd December 2019. His dream was to create a big communist nation in the Antarctic. Spawning in Kyrgyzstan Diamant had a long way to go before reaching Antarctica.

"Einmal über die Dreiviertel-Welt! Jaaaa moin";
(Once over three-quarter of the world ok lol)
~Diamant on his stream
On his 2-hour-livestream he streamed the journey from Asia to Antarctica and the construction of the first building in the future town of Mossow which he created a day later. On that day Mossow was created Diamant's friend, Spitzhacke10000, joined the server too reaching Mossow at 12 PM CET. The town of Mossow was intentionally meant to be named Mossnow or Mossoschnee combining "Moscow" and "Snow" in German and English. But when Diamant entered the town creation command he misspelled Mossnow ending up with the town named Mossow. More and more people joined Mossow.
"Das wird jetzt 'ne Herausforderung: Überleben in der Antarktis! Vielleicht hätten wir uns vorbereiten sollen, vielleicht nicht, ich weiß es nicht lol";
(This is gonna be a challenge: Surviving in Antarctica! Maybe we should've prepared, maybe not, I don't know actually lol.)
~Diamant on his stream

Intense grinding (3rd December - 9th January 2020)

The following month DiamantAxt spent his time with getting gold from vote crates and mining to collect more resources. His town grew and grew and more buildings for more citizens had to be built. After the town was threatened two times. Diamant locked the town up for the next twenty days managing no relationships with other towns and nation. After the town of Shrek was founded in mid-December 2019 Diamant began building an railway system to the town because it was connected to Australia with an ice road. The railroad isn't completely finished to this day (I wrote this article on 13th March 2020 ima update it if something changes). The town became richer and richer with people leaving the town and creating other towns nearby that will join the nation once.

Sheep trade in Cuba (9th January - 14th January)

On 9th January 2019 Spitzhacke10000 and Diamant decided to go to Cuba where a player was selling sheep. Diamant spent the following two days mostly in his boat travelling around the world with Spitzhacke. Spitzhacke was killed often so DiamantAxt used the much safer, but longer route via the Arctic sea. In the evening of the 9th January Diamant built an underwater base near the coast of Japan. The next day Diamant and Spitzhacke continued the journey building a colony on Franz-Josef-Land archipelago. The colony still exists to this day. After spending about 3 days in this colony waiting for the sheep merchant to come back online Spitzhacke and Diamant created a really good infrastructure that connected the whole archipelago. They took a lot of Kelp and Cobblestone with them (please refer Sheep trade in Cuba). On 13th January DiamantAxt ordered the first sheep and bought it after travelling from the colony to Cuba. On the following day the sheep merchant didn't come online so DiamantAxt explored the Americas. Near New York he died losing valuable items. He swore that he wouldn't go to a colony any time soon. Later that day Spitzhacke left the colony too leaving the sheep alone. You can still see the sheep to this day.

Age of conflicts (14th January - Present)

The following days Diamant's town grew to the status of 'Village'. But on 8th February people once again made fun of the name Mossow which caused the declaration of war on several nations from Diamant's side. After a few battles Diamant won with various traps he travelled to Takhtoyamsk in Sibir, his ally. The following day DiamantAxt returned to Mossow and concentrating on the expansion of his town. On late February xXZwiebelSlayerX and Prof_Joni managed to kill war causing the declaration of war on Uzbekistan from Diamant's site (please refer to the Zwiebelkrieg).

work in progress...

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