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Commonwealth of Diamantina, aka DIA, is a Republic State located in Central Australia, and most of the territory is part of the Central Australian Megalopolis. Diamantina is a part of Union of Oceanian States, and the Executive Council of UOS located in Birdsville, Diamantina's Capital.


Republic of Diamantina is created after Siri1kw went back to Birdsville. the First President is Siri1kw, Vice President is Your_Mother_Boom and PrimeyW. Then, Diamantina experienced a political reform and becomes Commonwealth of Diamantina now.


Government of Commonwealth of Diamantina

Prime Minister : Siri1kw | Birdsville


Deputy Prime Minister : PrimeyW | Birdsville


Chancellor : Crackk_ | Birdsville

Chancellor : Your_Mother_Boom | Birdsville

Chancellor : AquaSakura | Birdsville_West


Minister (Defense): AquaSakura | Birdsville_West

Minister (Interior Affairs): Crackk_ | Birdsville

Minister (Foreign Affairs): 3232006 | Simpson

Minister (Economy): Siri1kw | Birdsville


MP Speaker: AquaSakura | Birdsville_West

MP (Birdsville): Siri1kw | Birdsville

MP (Bir_West): AquaSakura | Birdsville_West

MP (Simpson): 3232006 | Simpson

Armed Force

Official Armed force of Diamantina is Australia Defence Force Diamantina National Defense Group (DF).


Diamantina Capital Territory

> Provincial Capital: Birdsville

> Provincial Governor: Siri1kw

Province of Simpson

> Provincial Capital: Simpson

> Provincial Governor: 3232006

Province of Geogria

> Provincial Capital: Bedourie

> Provincial Governor: Xin_zhi

Autonomous Region of MFG

> Region Capital: MFG

> Executive Manager: PrimeyW

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