A Dictatorship is a government that is ruled by one person. That one person rules the nation and is all powerful in anything regarding the nation only. Very different from a Democracy. But it's sorta similar to a Monarchy in a sense.

Beliefs and Practices

The ruler or dictator is worshiped by all in the nation or society that they rule. Everything the dictator says is absolute and once the ruler dies there is an election most of the time, but not like a Republican election. Dictatorships are very similar to Absolute Monarchies. Everything I've said above is literally the definition of an Absolute Monarchy except for Monarchies have bloodlines and heirs.

List of Dictatorships in EMC

You can always add to the list! Here is the list of Dictatorships in EMC:

  • Avalon - partially a dictatorship, but there is a tiny peestain of democracy there somewhere...
  • Micronesia - "Constitutional Republic Dictatorship"
  • There aren't that many really...
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