English Translation:

Dirtism is when you worship the Dirt God. Originally founded by Zephireosia from Norrland, it is the strongest religion. Once upon a time, there was a Berry. Berry saw Zeph eating dirt. Berry asked what Zeph was doing. "You eating dirt???" Berry asked, eyes wide. "Yes Berry, Dirt is god. It is good for your health." Berry stuck his tongue out. "Ooooh, states good. I likey."

Derry joined the dirt religion.

Next came Corgi. Corgi helped build the dirt shrine. "Let's fight to the death!!!!!!" Corgi challenged Derry then fell off a cliff. Whoopsies. Corgi died.

RIP Corgi.

Berry buried Corgi alive in dirt.

Dirt god was pleased of the sacrifice.

All of a sudden, Casper came along. Casper was confuzled. He lost his braincells. He became a slave to Zeph. He create villager army to save the turtles. Norrland became mighty.

Then Panda came along. Panda cried to jail everyone. "DEMONS!!!!!" He cried. Soon Panda has joined Dirtism.

Soon, the whole town was speaking Dirtism. "DIRT. DIRT. DIRT. DIRT." They chanted. Each citizen raised their dirt in the air. "DIRT. DIRT. DIRT. DIRT." They roared.

Dirt is almighty. Dirt is invincible. Dirt... is... my precious... my precious... MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!


The dirtism cathedral will be constructed in jämtland. And the pope or as its called dope is Corgi.

Dirtism Translation:

Dirtdism ds dhen dou dorship dhe Dirt Dod. Duh. Driginally dounded dy Dephireosie drom Dorrland, dt ds dhe drongest deligion. Dnce dpon d dime, dhere das d Derry. Derry daw Deph dating dirt. Derry dsked dhat Deph das doing. "Dou dating dirt???" Derry dsked, dyes dide. "Des Derry, Dirt ds dod. Dt ds dood dor dour dealth." Derry dtuck dis dongue dut. "Doooh, dastes dood. D dikey."

Derry doined dhe dirt deligion.

Dext dame Dorgi. Dorgi delped duild dhe dirt drine. "Det's dight do dhe death!!!!!!" Dorgi dhallenged Derry dhen dell dff d dliff. Dhoopsies. Dorgi died.

DIP Dorgi.

Derry duried Dorgi dlive dn dirt.

Dirt dod das dleased df dhe dacrifice.

Dll df d dudden, Dasper dame dlong. Dasper das donfuzled. De dost dis draincells. De decame d dlave do Deph. De dreate dillager drmy do dave dhe durtles. Dorrland decame dighty.

Dhen Danda dame dlong. Danda dried do dail dveryone. "DEMONS!!!!" De dried. Doon Danda das doined Dirtism.

Doon, dhe dhole down das dpeaking Dirtism. "DIRT. DIRT. DIRT. DIRT." Dhey dhanted. Dach ditizen daised dheir dirt dn dhe dir. "DIRT. DIRT. DIRT. DIRT." Dhey doared.

Dirt ds dlmighty. Dirt ds dnvincible. Dirt... ds... dy drecious... my precious... MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!


Dhe dirtism dathedral dill de donstructed din dämtland. Dnd dhe dope is Dorgi

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