Disorder of Sundowner is the semi-religious group that started out of Africa's Oyo Empire - dedicated to following the blessed words of Sundowner by pushing for pro-war politics and inciting as much violence as possible for the sake of cohesion, profit and killing roleplayers. Sundowner Castle, located in Oyo Empire, is the holy site of Sundowner.

Everyman is free to make his own denomination of Sundowner as long as it aligns with the tenants of Bloodshed and Conflict

3 Minutes of Glorious Sundowner -

Basic Fundamentals of Sundowner

There are basic philosophical beliefs that Sundowner bestows upon the people through his actions and words indirectly. The more you follow these the closer to Sundowner you get.

Bloodshed and Conflict

Sundowner himself stated during his time that "Bloodshed and Conflict are necessary [to achieve the 3 pillars]"

All denominations of Disorder of Sundowner agree on these two basic philosophical principles bestowed by Sundowner.

The Three Pillars

There are three pillars that are the primary focuses and results coming from Bloodshed and Conflict.

  1. Jobs (Wealth): By instigating Bloodshed and Conflict you will be rewarded by it with wealth and fame
  2. Technology (Development): Humanity is at its best when they have something to oppose, a reason to fight and develop, Bloodshed and Conflict provides this
  3. Purpose: Bloodshed and Conflict provides purpose, a common reason for every man to unite and prosper - free to fight their own wars for their own reasons

Scriptures from Sundowner's words and actions

Sundowner bestowed upon the world indirectly ways of life and how to thrive toward being Sundowner.

  1. Peace is the last option (War is the central philosophy of Disorder of Sundowner)
  2. Children Soldiers are a great option, they can be molded easily (He said this blatantly)
  3. Atrocities fuel the war economy
  4. Win fights by any means
  5. Death is nothing worth worrying about especially in battle
  6. Africa's getting a little too peaceful (Africa is the Holy Land)

Countries that follow the Disorder of Sundowner

  • Oyo Empire (Foundation)
  • Somalia (Prima-Wealth Denomination)
  • Numidia
  • Sudan
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