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Domino is a coastal town and capital of Labrador.

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Western_Vilnius (Old name) was founded on May 31st , 2021, partially funded by MattyG2020. Before Domino was flattened, there used to stand a unfinished castle and walls with a pier (the pier stands to this day). SaltedSuris tore down the castle walls due to the fact he found the walls ugly and uncomfortable for the coastal area. After the walls have been tore down, SaltedSuris started cleaning up the coast. While cleaning the coast, SaltedSuris found out a giant underground bunker filled with blocks, food and even showed evidence that there once was a blaze spawner.

Early History

SaltedSuris would build and clean up the location rapidly. Somehwere around this time Western_Vilnius would change names to Domino. Shortly after this garfield_mc would join this town along with his friends. garfield_mc's most notable contribution to Domino was building the church (Now called the Church of St. Nethermite13 of St. John) . Domino is one of the more active towns in Avalon.

Return of Remcoms

After SaltedSuris begged for Remcoms to come back to Labrador , Remcoms decided to join Labrador. As soon as Remcoms joined SaltedSuris appointed Remcoms as Vice-President of Labrador. Remcoms and SaltedSuris have devided roles in Labrador:

SaltedSuris: Infrastructure and planning of residential areas

Remcoms: Recruiting and Allying Nations

Notable People

  • SaltedSuris - Founder and Owner of Domino
  • __Rococo__ - Founder and Owner of Hopedale
  • garfield_mc - Founder of Svalbard and Garfstad
  • _q5_ - Grand Knight of Labrador , protectorate of the Labrador family tree