Dr Fu Manchu, (previously known as gay privilege) was some newfag who joined some time in march 2019. He spawned in the middle of the island of borneo, and immediately made his way down to the Jervis bay area in south east Australia. he met with his friends, plustwenty, gaminggorrila and cavxlier and they created the town of Illawarra, owned and run by plustwenty. They quickly got to work on the town, Dr fu being the creator of the beach motels and Illawarra glowstone tower. The town quickly made an alliances with the owners of the town of mudhole, who were irl friends of Dr Fu. unfortunately, this was not to last, as plustwenty basically quit the server, as well as all the people in mudhole. So Dr Fu had no choice but to leave the Illawarra


Dr Fu at first wasn't sure where to find his new home, but it was quickly decided to be Tuvalu, as they "wanted to find just the absolute worst country" when they arrived they found nothing but sand and grass but where quick to start a farm with saplings, seeds and sheep from the Illawarra. Tuvalu made a few alliances, including 69hd, leaching of his alliance with Fiji, run by gaminggorilla. a small friendship was also sparked with the soon to be prime minister of New Australia, Duzy_. Unfortunately this was not to last, as isolation and limited resources made it incredibly difficult to run a society. And after greifings, theft and a near revolution, Tuvalu's capitol, Asau was put to ruin.

Australia, again

Dr Fu was, again, without a town. He decided that he wanted back in Australia, with the fall of TerraAustralis and the rise of New Australia. he temporarily took refuge in Fiji and enjoyed teleportation permissions for a short time. Dr Fu eventually made his way to Mt. Koziosko, sort of near where his new town would be created. after digging through the mountain he discovered an incredibly large cavern filled with diamonds n other stuff. Shortly after, he created the town of Buckanderra, (renamed Cooma). After some unfortunate setbacks, yet another greifing, and massive queue numbers, Cooma remained underdeveloped. An ugly feud with camdropz from carolina has become a friendship. Dr.Fu is currently at work on the cooma skyscraper

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